Rainforest Research

Rainforest Research

Spring Quarter, 2000

Faculty: John T. (Jack) Longino

What is this program is about? The purpose of this program is to allow advanced science students to carry out independent research in tropical biology. The program is a logical successor to the temperate and tropical rainforests programs; and applicants from those programs will receive first priority. It is mainly designed so that students attending the Tropical Rainforests field trip can stay in Costa Rica and do independent research during Spring Quarter. Proposals for projects will have been developed during the earlier rainforests programs, or through direct consultation with faculty. It is expected that projects will involve extensive field work in tropical biology, and be based in Costa Rica.

What will I do in this program? After consultation with me, you will choose your own study site and project. Examples of potential study sites are national parks, La Selva Biological Station or other OTS field sites, or the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. Living conditions and costs vary across these sites, and you will be responsible for investigating the best options for you.

I will visit Costa Rica twice. During these visits there will be required meetings at the La Selva Biological Station. The first visit will be during week 2 of the quarter, when you will give an interim report on the progress of your project, consult with me and other students, and fine-tune your project. You will arrive at La Selva on Monday, 3 April and depart on Friday, 7 April. The second visit will be during week 10, during which you will finalize data analysis, write a final report, and present your results in a symposium. This will be followed by evaluation conferences. You will arrive on Monday, 29 May, and depart on Sunday afternoon, 4 June.

During the portions of the program when I am in Olympia, I will be regularly available on weekdays for consultation via email and telephone.

How do I get into the program? The enrollment limit is 24. For students in the Winter Tropical Rainforests Program, we will discuss your plans in class. For those not in Tropical Rainforests, please submit an application to me by Friday, 7 January 2000 (end of week 1, Winter Quarter). Your application should contain contact information, an essay explaining your academic preparation and research plans, and the names and phone numbers of two previous science faculty you have had. Note that there are relatively few spaces, since many of the Tropical Rainforest students intend to take this program.

How much will this program cost? The student fee will be $280 to cover the 10 days food and lodging at La Selva. Otherwise you will be on your own, and will need to plan for your day to day living expenses. These will depend on where you plan to carry out your research. Expenses could range from $20 to $40 per day.

What is the credit distribution? 16 units of upper division science credit: Independent Research in Tropical Biology.

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