Submitting A Script


If you wish to bring a script for submission, please bring it to the FIRST CLASS MEETING!!

To help you decide whether or not to submit your script, here is a list of criteria we will be using to do the preliminary selection.

  • Script should be entirely on location or a combination of studio and location.
  • 10 minutes or less, 5 is prefereable.
  • Sync sound: there must be speaking parts
  • Try to limit speaking parts to 3 or 4.
  • Should present certain problems to be solved, but they should be solvable problems, i.e., a giant bird descending from the sky is a potentially solvable problem, where to locate a herd of buffalo and have them stampede through a ghost town is not a solvable problem.
  • Period pieces, hundreds of extras, explosions, car chases and other dangerous or logistically outrageous scripts need not apply.

The process for selecting scripts will go like this: Students will submit scripts at the first class meeting. Kevin and Dave will weed through them and bring 2-4 scripts to the second class meeting for the class to vote for ONE script to be produced by the class. We will make preliminary selection based on a number of factors, including produceability, teaching opportunities present in the piece, length and other factors. If your script doesn't get chosen, it doesn't mean it's a bad script: it just means that it doesn't suit the needs of the class. In the absence of appropriate submissions, Kevin and Dave reserve the right to use a scipt of their choice. In the absence of a clear majority in the voting for a script, Kevin and Dave reserve the right to make a decision based on the needs of the class.