Arts & the Child

Winter/Spring 2001

Artwork for the Program in 1997
Picture by Wendy Hale

            "The living word awakened my soul, Gave it light, hope, joy, set it free."

Helen Keller

    8 quarter hours
    Hirsh Diamant, ext. 6736
    Tue, Thu, 6-10PM, Long House
    Special Expenses: Art supplies (approximately $10).

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    In this program, students explore child development through theoretical readings and practical observations.  Students engage in
writing, drawing, painting, theater and puppetry.
    During the Spring  Quarter, we will focus on stories of Ancient Civilizations and on the transition from legend to history as it
corresponds to curriculum in Grades 3 through 6. (See description in Syllabus.)  The students will also spend time working with children
in the community, including those at risk or enrolled in Head Start programs.
    During March 20 ? March 31 the students travelled to China where they worked and studied at the Wenzhou Teachers College.

Interested in our trip to China?

Visit our Web Crossing China discussion page to read some of the reports we sent while we were there and send us a message.
Also look for pictures on our China page.

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