June 26th through July 26th 2001

This class will focus on the modern understanding of dreams from a variety of viewpoints. After a review of dream theories from the dawn of recorded history through the nineteenth century, we'll examine the work of early twentieth century dream researchers such as Carl Jung. In the second half of the session, we'll discuss modern experimental studies of dreaming including the effects of gender and aging on dream content as well as lucid and "paranormal" dreams. There will be some discussion and practice of dream incubation and interpretation techniques. Come have fun studying dreams! The syllabus below is for 4 credits. Additional credits available for independent study - contact instructor at 867-6618.

Interested? Enroll and show up at first class ready to dream! Faculty signature not needed for enrollment. There are no prerequisites for this class. (In previous summers, a fairly large percentage of students have had introductory psychology, but this is not required.) See:

Instructor:        Don Middendorf , phone 867-6618 e-mail:

Meeting Days:  Tuesday and Thursday evenings: 5:30 to 9:30 p.m.     June 26th through July 26th

Meeting Place:  Room 1037 of Lab I (Evergreen State College Campus)

Credits:             4 - 6 credits Reference # 00500G
                       The syllabus below is for 4 credits.
                       Additional credits possible for independent work - contact instructor for suggestions or propose your own work.

TEXTS:           Our Dreaming Mind by Robert Van De Castle
                       ISBN 0345396669 roughly $14.00 on-line (will also be available at TESC bookstore)

                       Dreaming While Awake by Arnold Mindell
                       ISBN 1571741879 roughly $18.00 on-line (will also be available at TESC bookstore)
Date/Day Reading from 

Our Dreaming Mind

By Van De Castle

Reading From 

Dreaming While Awake

By Mindell

June 26 Tuesday Class meets in room 1037 in "Lab I" building from 5:30 through 9:30. Don available immediately after every class. Due at each class: 3 copies of 600-word typed commentary on any aspect of readings (your choice)

Start dream journal - bring dream journal to each class

June 28 Thursday Preface and Part I: Dreams as Portals between Inner & Outer Worlds pp. vii - 43  Pages 3 - 29  80 pages total reading   
July 3 


Early Thinking About Dreams

Pages 45 - 108 = 60 pages

Pages 30 - 64 94 pages  
July 5 


Dream Theories in 20th Century

Pages. 109 - 207 = 98 pages

Pages 65 - 97 130 pages  
July 10 


Experimental Studies 

Physiology pp. 208 - 290 = 82 pages

Pages 98 - 127 109 pages  
July 12 Thursday No reading in Our Dreaming Mind

Come with one dream you want to discuss with classmates - "noncharged"

No reading - come with "noncharged" dream you want to discuss  No reading - bring one or two "noncharged" dreams   
July 17 Tuesday Dimensions of Dreams

Pages. 291 - 360 = 65 pages

Pages 128 - 161 98 pages  
July 19 Thursday Twilight Zone of Dreams

Pages. 361 - 461 = 100 pages

  99 pages  
July 23 Tuesday Quiz covers lectures & text including

All of Our Dreaming Mind

And through Ch.10 of Mindell's text

Pages 162 - 209


dreams + all writings (in order)

47 pages 
review lecture 
notes and 
for quiz 
July 26 Thursday Bring snacks, etc. for "snackluck" at class

Bring your dream notebook and self-eval.

Pages 209 - 238 29 pages & Evaluations after class