Health Care Policy and Public Administration    Summer 2001 Joan Bantz, an introduction

Health Care Administration:

Syllabus      "Beyond the Rhetoric"
This class will explore the “dynamics of health care public administration”.

We will examine how special interest groups capture and frame health care rhetoric and reform efforts, and analyze the relationships between policy, politics and the private sector.

We will focus on relevant areas of public concern: consumer protection (Patients Bill of Rights), innovation (long term/acute care integration), regulation (Health Insurance Portability and Responsibility Act), implementation (States Children’s Health Insurance Programs), and accountability (health care performance measurements e.g. Oregon Benchmarks).

Participants will explore the interplay of health care economics, regulation, culture, allopathic and alternative models, geographical access, technology, health policy implementation/promulgation and stakeholder dissatisfaction.

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Joan Bantz, MPA, RHU
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