Health and Human Development 

Spring Quarter

We will not be going to camp Solomon Schlecter on Tuesday!

-- They won't allow any food to be brought to the camp; if we want to eat, we pay them - $20.00 per student - to cook it.

  The retreat has been moved to Priest Point Park and we will meet at Shelters 2 and 3.         

Directions to Priest Point Park & Schedule of Events

Faculty & Aids:
Mukti Khanna
Lab II 3266
Stu Matz
Lab I 3010
Rita Pougiales
Lab II 3268
Susan Finkel
Lab II 2247
Jess Spielholz
Chelsea Thomas
Lab I 2050
Ruth Joynes
Lab II 2250
Jill Rosenblem 
Lab II 2250


Spring Quarter Summary Schedule
Work, internship, and study

9:00-11:00 Lecture 

Library 4300

Work, internship, and study
Work, internship, and study
Work, internship, and study
12:00-2:00 Seminar
3:00-4:00 Wellness Hours (optional)

CRC 116



Weekly Schedule

Lecture/Workshop Lib 4300

Tuesday 9:00-11:00


Tuesday 12:00-2:00

Wellness Hours, CRC 116

Tuesday 3:00-4:00

Week 1--April 3
Gillies Malrick

Spring Goals--Faculty Discussion

Cascadia Conference

"I Stand Here Ironing," by Tillie Olsen from Tell me a Riddle
Yoga--Deepthi Reading and Rebecca Shepherd

Wear loose clothes & bring a blanket

Week 2--April 10
Faculty Discussion about Bad Blood

Community & Public Health--Joan Bantz

Bad Blood
Healing Touch--Carol Vaughn
Week 3--April 17
Group Organization
Individual Reading

Susan-Lord of the Flies

Stu-Environment & Health Panel

Yoga--Deepthi Reading and Rebecca Shepherd
Week 4--April 24
The Corruption of Community by the Institutionalization of Care
Illich Articles
Dance--James Pogue and Krista Wilbur
Week 5--May 1
Nonviolent Communication & Public Policy Leters
Individual Reading

Stu's Seminar

Susan-The Bone People

Yoga--Deepthi Reading and Rebecca Shepherd
Week 6--May 8
Legislative Work & DSHS

Janelle Anderson

Individual Reading
Intuition--Betsy Ballentine
Week 7--May 15
Public Policy Letters Due

Stu--Poster Discussion

Gillies Malrick--Project Assessment

Bring in written response to research: Describe 3 moments of learning

Individual Reading


Yoga--Deepthi Reading and Rebecca Shepherd
Week 8--May 22
Self-Evaluations Discussion

Global Health Issues--AIDS/HIV

Soul of a Citizen
Gardens and Medicinal Herbs-- Dave Wides and Emily Rasmussen
Week 9--May 29
Poster Session
Soul of a Citizen

Bowling Alone

Transformations in Conciousness--Janice Olson
Week 10--June 5
Final Paper due

The Program Retreat has been moved to:
Priest Point Park, Shelters 2 & 3

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Seminar Group Information

Susan - Seminar Room 3151 Stu - Seminar 3126 Mukti - Longhouse 1007b Suggested further reading: Rita - Library 2614

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