The Evergreen State College presents:

Introduction to Digital Media Presentation
Spring Quarter 2001

Important Note!!!  We have discovered an iMovie bug regarding saving to a PC formatted Zip disk.  There are three things you can do to sucessfully save your project:
  1. Copy your project folder including the Media folder (from the Macintosh HD > Documents Folder) to Scratch on Calawah. Once there, copy it to your PC formatted Zip disk.
  2. Buy a Macintosh formatted Zip disk and copy your project (from the Macintosh HD > Documents Folder) to your Zip disk.
  3. Check out the Firewire Harddrive from the Consultant's Desk in the Computer Center.    Plug the AC adapter into the harddrive and then into a power source.   Plug the firewire cable into the firewire port on the back of the Macintosh G4.  Copy your project folder (from the Macintosh HD > Documents Folder) onto the Firewire Harddrive.   We will assist you next week with copying your project to a Zip disk for you.  When you are done using the Firewire Harddrive, use the File > Put Away command to 'disconnect' the drive.  Then unhook the firewire and power cables and return all three items to the Consultant's desk.
Remember to work on your project from the harddrive.  In other words, before working on your project, copy your project folder into the Documents folder on the Macintosh HD.

Mondays and Wednesdays, 5-7pm

Mondays: L 1316

Wednesdays: Mac Classroom

Faculty: Alley Hinkle, L 1314 x6249

Susan Bustetter, L 2405, x6626

Text: iMovie 2: The Missing Manual, David Pogue

Web Links
1 Introductions, syllabus


Intro To Visual Vocabulary

Intro to Mac Classroom


File Management

Scan and Save 5 Images

1st Project Idea

Reading from iMovie2 (pgs 225-234) and Handout

2 Digital Still Cameras

Present project ideas

View/Critique images


Capturing CD Audio using Peak

Write Project Proposal relating to components on handout (i.e. audience, delivery and style)
Begin Work on Project
3 Scripting

PowerPoint Transitions and Timing

Project proposal review

4 Screenings of Student PowerPoint Projects Continuation of Student Presentations in the Macintosh Classroom Write iMovie Project Proposal
5 Review Project Proposals

Intro to Field Audio

In-Class Assignment (Four Groups)

Read Chapter 4 in the Text by Wednesday

Final Draft

Intro to iMovie

Draft iMovie Project Script or Storyboard

Read Chapter 9 in the Text

6 Building a Sound Track

Deck and Peak

Web Research

Photoshop II

Photoshop -  Image Collage and Text Options

Final Script or Storyboard DUE Wednesday

Read Chapters 5 & 6 

7 Interviewing Techniques

More Audio Mixing Bench& Transfer Station

Review of PowerPoint presentations...

iMovie II

Works in Progress Critique

Complete Sound Track due Wednesday

Read Chapters 7 & 8

8 Intro to Video Cameras (VHS Proficiency)

Intellectual Property & Copyright Issues

Titles and Credits

Presentation Techniques


Short Report on Copyright Site

Project Work

9 HOLIDAY Assisted Work Session Project Work
10 Final Screenings Final Screenings  

Using basic digital media compositing tools including Photoshop, Powerpoint and iMovie, this course introduces students to the concepts and techniques for creating dynamic presentations. Students will also work with audio mixing to create sound tracks utilizing narration, sound effects, and music. Screenings, readings, and technical workshops will be used to develop a critical eye for the consumption and production of media. Students will gain basic skills in scripting, storyboarding, production and post-production. This class focuses on media that is accessible and easy to use, using common source materials. Credit will be awarded for two 3-5 minute media presentations appropriate for classroom or business use.

Course expenses: $20-$30 for materials.