Date Activities Reading (completed) What's due?
Week One: April 3

Program overview & expectations, covenants

Introductions; Seminar on in-class reading.

In class reading:






Week Two: April 10

Workshop/Computer Lab: "Think Tanks" -- who they are and what they do.

Seminar: Where We Stand

Where We Stand Written reflection on text*

Week Three,

April 17

Seminar: For Crying Out Loud, gender and poverty.

Workshop: Wealth and Poverty, doing the numbers

For Crying Out Loud, pp. 19-153. Written reflection on text: Who is poor, and why? Discuss at least 3 authors' views.

Week Four:

April 24

Seminar: Regulating The Poor, Film: The Helping Hand. Regulating The Poor, Intro-p. 117. Written reflection on author's thesis, Regulating the Poor.
Week Five: May 1

Seminar: Regulating The Poor,

Film: The Promised Land, from the Eyes on the Prize series.

Regulating The Poor, pp. 123-337. Finish your reading, with notes on the text
Week Six:
May 8
Seminar: Regulating The Poor Regulating The Poor, pp. 343-466 Write on this question: If Regulating the Poor made its case, what are the implications?
Week Seven: May 15

Seminar: Put To Work

Lecture: Unemployed Organizing in the Pacific NW, 1930s.

Put To Work Written reflection on text: imagine one 30s poverty program as it might work today.
Week Eight: May 22

Film: Poverty Outlaw

Seminar: For Crying Out Loud, Organizing on Welfare Issues.

For Crying Out Loud, Written reflection on text.

Week Nine:

May 29

Seminar: For Crying Out Loud, Film: Holding Ground For Crying Out Loud, pp. 309-389 work on, final project and portfolios

Week Ten: June 5

Presentations and Conclusions

Student presentations   Group presentations
Evaluation Week Student/faculty evaluations by appointment   Draft self and faculty evaluations


Each week that a written reflection is assigned, please first offer a summary paragraph that clearly restates what the author's main thesis or argument is. Next, engage with a key idea in the text and bring in a one-to-two page reflection that you will share in seminar and turn in to faculty