Anatomy and Physiology
Janet F. Ott, Ph.D
Lab I 1010
Wednesday 5-7
Lab I 1037
Books:  Marieb's Human Anatomy and Physiology and it's accompanying coloring book

This program will cover the Anatomy and Physiology to enable students to enter any graduate program that lists A&P as a required course.  I do not have a formal year-long syllabus.  We will set it after we all get together and determine what topics most of you need to focus on.  But we will start with  membranes, which is the place of most of the action in the cell.  Then I will lecture on neurons and nephrons, which many students have difficulty grasping only through reading and exercises.  After that, we will be more interactive and students will research, develop and give lectures on other organ systems in the body.  It has been found that this approach is a more efficient and effective way to learn material than by straight lecture.

Students will be evaluated on quizzes, exams and various projects, which will make up the student portfolio, to be handed in at the end of each quarter.  Attendance, timeliness of coming to class and handing in work, and class participation are part of the evaluation process as well. 

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