Announcements, Data Structures and Algorithms

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12/13/01 Evaluations sent out

By now you should have received an email message containing my evaluation of you.

Please read your evaluation carefully, checking for typos (some students have already found some), but especially checking the content.

If you did not receive your evaluation, or would like to discuss the evaluation with me, contact me by email or telephone. You can email me at or at, or you can call me at 206-783-1612 (Thursday) or 206-598-4117 (Friday 9 - 5).

I haven't scheduled a phone call with everyone, but if you would like to talk on the phone to discuss your evaluation (or anything else) please email or call to set up a time.

I plan to submit all your evaluations to the program secretary late Friday afternoon. It would be best if you could reach me by then, but if that is impossible contact me when you can.

12/13/01 Program description
This program description goes in students' transcripts.

12/05/01 Evaluations
Turn in your self-evaluation to the program secretary, Sharon Wendt. You can drop them off at her office, L3225 (there's a box by the door if she's not in). Or you can mail them to Sharon Wendt, The Evergreen State College, Mail Stop L3220, 2700 Evergreen Parkway NW, Olympia WA 98505-0002. This self-evaluation goes in your transcript and must be on the official form. Your student evaluation of faculty also goes to Sharon. It is optional (it goes in my portfolio) and if you choose to do one it must also go on the official form.

I also recommend (but do not require) that you give me a draft, unofficial version of your self-evaluation to help me write my evaluation of you (which goes in your transcript). I prefer hardcopy but will accept email.

12/05/01 Potluck directions and logistics
The potluck is off-campus. Contact me or Sandy for directions if you need them. If you need a ride, we will be leaving from L1612 at 7 pm.

12/04/01 Potluck
We're having a potluck on Thursday, Dec. 6. Here's the signup sheet for contributions.

12/02/01 Lisp and Scheme tweaks
Revise Lisp and Scheme links and Scheme demonstration.

12/01/01 Lisp and Scheme
Added Lisp and Scheme links and a Scheme demonstration.

12/01/01 More quiz solutions
Solutions to the Nov. 30 quiz, along with explanations some notes on the motivation, are now available. Here is a program that demonstrates the quiz.

11/17/01 Quiz solutions etc.
Solutions to the Nov. 6 quiz, along with explanations and some notes on the motivation, are now available.

11/14/01 Project presentations
Project presentations will be on Tues Dec 4 and and Thurs Dec 6. See these instructions.

11/14/01 Seminar readings
For Th Nov 15: Levy's Crypto, pages 96 -- 107
For Tu Nov 27: Levy's Crypto, pages 240 -- 247
Check the schedule frequently -- assignments, due dates will be posted as they are made.

11/07/01 Seminar readings
For Th Nov 8: Levy's Crypto, pages 10 -- 15, 34 -- 35
For Tu Nov 13: Levy's Crypto, pages 66 -- 75
Check the schedule frequently -- assignments, due dates will be posted as they are made.

11/04/01 Boolean expressions worksheet
Worksheet and solutions on boolean expressions now linked here.

11/04/01 Revised schedule
Here is a revised schedule.

10/23/01 Loop invariants etc.
Here is my writeup on loop invariants etc.

10/23/01 Out sick - class cancelled
I'm out sick. I'm not sure about Thursday October 25.

10/17/01 Bentley experiment code
Here are the code and drivers that all five groups wrote for the Bentley experiment.

10/17/01 Big-O study guide
The annotated solutions for the Big-O quiz can serve as a worksheet and study guide.

10/11/01 Out sick - class cancelled
I'm out sick. I expect to be back Tuesday October 16.

10/09/01 Revised course page
Many revisions to the course page, including links to handouts and sample code and a weekly schedule.

9/14/01 Course Description
A few more details added to the course description and assignments sections on the course page.

9/08/01 An online lecture
Added link to Mike Spivey's lecture on the Greatest Common Divisor algorithms to the resources page.

9/03/01 Detailed Course Description
Added more details to the course description section on the course page.

8/24/01 Another Algorithms book
Added Mastering Algorithms with Perl to the resources page.

8/24/01 Bentley 2nd edition
More about differences between Bentley editions and the papers in the readings section on the course page.

8/17/01 Resources page
Here is a new page about pertinent books, online materials etc.

8/16/01 Academic Fair
I will be on campus for the Academic Fair on Monday, September 17, in the Library lobby from 4 pm to 6 pm.

8/16/01 Textbook (not!)
There is no textbook for this course. Instead, our required readings will be from notes and reprints handed out in class or downloaded from the web. See the course page section on readings.