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Hydrology (Spring quarter 2002)

These students are doing hydrologic field work (determining elevations of piezometers) in one of the driest areas in North America. The auto-level gets a shade hat too. The white stuff is salt left by evaporation of ground water.

The faculty:
Dr. Rob Cole (Winter and Spring Quarters); phone 360 867-6714; email; Office Lab I 2004
Dr. James Stroh (Winter Quarter Only); 360 867-6762; email; Office Lab II 3249
Dr. Paul Butler (Spring Quarter Only); 360 867-6722; email; Office Lab II 3267

New students will be admitted. See Paul Butler or Rob Cole.


There will be no Hydrology web page for spring 2002. Contact Academic Advising for spring schedule, and see the Catalog for the current program description.


Web Resources:
Use the Evergreen scientific data base server for current and archived weather and solar radiation data. This is a wonderful resource.
The United States Geological Survey in Tacoma WA has a variety of resources in hydrology.
Want a link to the water bad guys, the aqueduct operation of Los Angeles Water and Power? It has some good information.
The water good guys in Inyo County CA at the Inyo Water Department have a wealth of information on the web.

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