1. Choose a film (feature or documentary), which addresses at least two classthemes. Let your seminar know which film you plan to review by Friday 11/9.

2. Watch the movie right before you write the review (even if you saw itbefore)

3. Write down comments while watching the film

4. Create an outline with the major themes addressed in the film and compareit with the class themes

5. Choose 1-2 themes to focus your film review. You can mention other themesas you introduce the film or in your conclusion paragraph.

6. Start your review with 1-2 paragraphs where you describe the film (what isthe story, set up the stage, describe the context, main characters etc. You
can also say something about the filmmaker)

7. Analyze the major themes in the film (for example: women's representationin "The Crying Game" or militarization in “Full Metal Jacket")

8. Examine the major themes of the film in relation to class readings and activities

9. Conclude by assessing the contribution of the film to knowledge aboutparticular issues related to political economy, social movements and/or gender, race and class

10. We don't expect you to comment on filmaking techniques. We are interested inYOUR analysis of the film's content as it relates to the class.