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Software Fair Photos: To see photos from the software fair, click on community interest, then Student Orginated Software

Evaluation Week Announcements Kate's Spring Eval Schedule
Judy's Spring Eval Schedule
Documents due Evaluation Week
DRAFT program description

Remember! Reception for all program students and guests -- 11am Friday, June 14, "backside" of the CAL -- in case of rain, come to main "greenhouse" lobby, 1st floor Lab I.

Program Retreat: Thursday June 6th at 9:30 to 4:00 Location Organic Farmhouse (if you don't know where the farmhouse is, meet Alex at 9:25 at the bus shelter in the loop ) Bring ... click here for IMPORTANT details

Software Fair June 4th Click here for details

Spring Notebook Requirements:Read More

Release Notes and Technical Documentation Examples: Here are some examples of two deliverables that pertain to this stage of your project
Release Notes contain: major functionality, features not included; known bugs, bugs fixed since last release. http://grace.evergreen.edu/~smijam20/masks/alteregocvs/ae_release_notes.doc
Technical Documentation: The audience is those who will maintain the system after you are gone. It should be 2 - 5 pages and contain an overview of major functionality of system, items such as logins and passwords, file naming conventions, system requirements (hardware, memory, operating systems, etc.). Include maintenance tasks (i.e. clear log files every three months or 10,000 records or ...) and features for future releases. Explain those parts of the system that are less intuitive. http://grace.evergreen.edu/~smijam20/masks/alteregocvs/ae_users_guide.doc

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Current Week's Assignments:

Software Fair

Program Retreat

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Plato Royalty Lecture Series:

Classic Problems in Computer Science
June 4th Software Fair
Plato Royalty Lecture Series Schedule

Spring Schedule:

week Mon Tue Wed Thurs Fri
  Project Tech Seminar Project Tech Seminar Plato Royalty Seminar Facilitation Project Seminar Project Project
  10 -12 Meetings with Faculty 10 - 2 ACC Reserved 1 - 2 Lab Aide 1 - 3 LIB 3500 10 -1 Meetings with Faculty 10 - 2 ACC Reserved 1 - 3 LIB 3500 3:30 - 5 LH 1 10 -11:30 LAB 1004 10 - 2 ACC Reserved 12 - 2 Lab Aide 10 - 12 SEM 2204/2218 1 - 3 ACC or CAL 108  
10 -- June 3   Software Fair   Program Retreat  

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Judy Cushing Vita
867-6652 (x6652 from campus)
Lab I 1003
Office Hours: Thursday 9-10

Kate Cunningham [Resume]
867-5056 (x5056 from campus)
Seminar 4167
Office Hours: Tuesday 9-10

Issac Overcast


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