Potential Exam Questions from Lecture 4

Terms to be familiar with: meiosis, syngamy, anisogamy, alternation of generations, gametophyte, sporophyte, haploid, diploid, monoecious, dioecious, hermaphroditic, sepal, petal, stamen, anther, pistil, ovary, stigma, inflorescence, corolla, calyx, protandry, protogyny, pollinia.

Contrast the lifecycles of bryophytes, conifers, and angiosperms. Discuss the relative roles and characteristics of gametophytes and sporophytes, and where meiosis takes place.

Discuss and contrast flower attractants vs. flower rewards for animal pollinators. Give examples. List two common and a rare attractant. List two common and two rare rewards.

Discuss the variety of mechanisms that plants use to regulate the level of inbreeding. Why do I pose the question as "regulating" rather than "preventing" inbreeding?

Describe four floral "syndromes" in which particular pollinator groups are associated with a set of floral characteristics.

Discuss and give some examples of deceptive flowers.

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