Potential Exam Questions from Lecture 5

What is the Janzen-Connell hypothesis?

What are advantages and disadvanteges of fruit dispersal?

Describe two abiotic dispersal mechanisms, and give examples.

Why are green fruits green?

Why are green fruits often toxic?

Why are cherry pits so hard?

Contrast the dispersal mechanism of one of the small avocado relatives (Lauraceae) with a blueberry.

What is an elaiosome? To what disperser group is it relevant?

Contrast and discuss fruit attractants versus fruit rewards. Illustrate your discussion with examples.

What are deceptive fruits?

Give an example of two-stage fruit dispersal.

Describe the fruit eating behaviors of agoutis and parrots, and discuss their relative qualities as seed dispersers.

What observations did Janzen make about Crescentia alata, and how did it influence his thinking about fruit dispersal?

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