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9/30/02- Foundation Activity Grants are offered by the Evergreen State College Foundation Board of Governors and administered by the Academic Grants office. We have about $3,130 available to award each quarter. This program supports small faculty and student projects usually done in conjunction with academic programs. In the past (for example) the program has supported student theatrical productions, materials for science and art projects, a faculty member's work demonstrating practical science in elementary schools, video and film projects, student literary magazines and student expenses to attend professional conferences at which they present work. Award amounts are small, averaging between $200-$500. Demand is high for these grants.

The deadlines for submission of Foundation Activity Grant proposals to the Academic Grants office (L3125) are: Fall Quarter 2002: Monday, October 14 at 5pm; Winter Quarter, 2003: Tuesday, January 21 at 5pm; Spring Quarter, 2003: Monday, April 14 at 5pm.

To apply, submit a brief project description (1-2 pages), a project budget and a brief explanation of how requested Activity Grant funds will be spent. Submit this material with a completed application cover sheet, which is available on the college website at Leave completed applications with John McCann in L3125 (ext. 6045, mailstop L3131) or with Heather Ervin in L3122 (College Advancement) (ext. 6300, mailstop L3122). Grant award announcements will be made within 1-2 weeks after submission deadlines.

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