Research Topics


Tiffany Barber - How physical pain differs from mental pain, and how pain differs cross-culturally and across religion.

Constance Weilding - Relationship to humor and the psyche, challenging the theories of Freud or does humor arise from a social construct?

Lynne O'Neill - The Tao De Ching

Heather Neff / Tara Swift - The history of mosaics in ancient western culture, in particular in bathhouses and how mosaics are used as art and expression.

Dolly England - Reproductive health cross-culturally and globally to see how women are viewed in different parts of the world - Abortion, adoption, and contraception.

Greg Mack - Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Laura Cox - Healing through movement

Lara Carder - Botanical cultivation, general permaculture aspects and vegetable horticulture.

Toby Nussbaum - Healing arts and kinesthetic awareness.

Molly Rowe - Internship

Emily Brochert - Homelessness

Anna Wederspahn - East Indian philosophy, the teachings of Ramtha and Buddhism

Jenna Howard - Medicinal plants and their benefits.

John Mealy - "For my independent project, I plan to delve into the concept of the soul by reading others' works and by creating my own. I plan on making rhetoric that synthesizes the many different aspects concerning the soul. My belief is that my personal construct of what a soul is will be greatly solidified."

Chatara Hajje - Mystical experiences associated with religious faith.

Tricia Berglund - Early psychology and spritism

Molly McClanahan - Internship at Green Hill

Eva Barnett - Internship Heart & Soul Studio

Fred Evander - What is ritual? Can anything be ritual? How can a person come to ritual independent of past experience? How can ritual influence a person to experience the power of now? Where does power go in ritual? To the people or the institution, that supplies the ritual?

Aimee Butterworth - Different levels of consciousness - Dreams - How different philosophers and psychologists define the conscious, and the different levels or types - Ceremonies that some shamanistic tribes use, in a spiritual manner - Altered states of consciousness.

Camille Kain - Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) or Multiple Personality Disorder

Emily Preston - The anatomy of anger - How the body's physiology changes creating a change in emotion - the anatomy of the human body - aging and how it affects the bones, muscles and tissues of the elderly - connection between the nervous system and the rest of the body

Kasey Peterson - Meditation, Reiki, yoga, tai chi, aura/chakra - How these things work on a person that grew up in western culture having encounters with western medicine.

Siri Melom - Grief and trauma counseling for young adults and adolescents. To delve into the way young adults approach ideas like mortality, stress, illness occurring to them or close relatives and community members.

Melissa Hamilton / Krystel Nysted- Healing with natural elements - Comparing Shamanism and Witchcraft, looking for their healing methods, their ability to heal, and their beliefs.

Krystel Nysted - Art Therapy

Julie Belin - The use of art as therapy, particularly with children. - Learning about the origins as far as its use as a therapeutic method - Any breakthroughs or discoveries that have been made in the field of art therapy.

Amy Robertson - The western woman's relationship to her body - Self-concept, health, the politics of the female body