Spring Quarter Information

Kabby and Heesoon are hoping this information will help you to plan your Spring quarter. The Spring quarter will be intense and exciting for those of you who are serious about learning since the major portion of the program requires you to explore a particular aspect of body, mind, and soul in-depth by working independently most of the time (34 hours/week). This means that you need to be able to engage in learning fully despite stress from other parts of your life. You will be asked to submit your progress work on the 3rd week, 5th week, 7th week and 9th week and no late work will be accepted.

1. You are required to come to class once a week (Thursday from 9:00 to 3:30).

  1. You can combine internship with individual/group project (e.g. 6 credits of internship
and 6 credits of individual/group project or 8 credits of internship and 4 credits of individual/group project, etc.), 12 credits of an internship, or 12 credits of individual/group project (e.g. research, conducting experiment, etc.).
    1. If you participate in an internship setting you are expected to show professionalism by attending the site regularly, be punctual, and willing to work collaboratively with a supervisor and other people at the site. The internship is designed to mutually benefit each other. You benefit from hands on experience and the internship agency benefits from your service. You represent Evergreen; others will learn about Evergreen through you.

    2. 10 hours/week for 4 credits of internship

      15 hours/week for 6 credits of internship

      30 hours/week for 12 credits of internship

    3. (a) If you choose to do an individual/group project you need to spend:
Minimum 10 hours per week for 4 credit worth of project Minimum 15 hours per week for 6 credit worth of project Minimum 30 hours per week for 12 credit worth of project (b) Your final paper needs to be:

10 pages for 4 credits

15 pages for 6 credits

20 pages for 8 credits

25 pages for 10 credits

30 pages for 12 credits

  1. Please submit your Spring Body, Mind, Soul plan to Kabby and Heesoon by Thursday, 9th week if you intend to stay in the program. If we do not receive the plan from you we will assume that you are leaving the program. The plan needs to include how you want to distribute 12 credits.
    1. How many credits for an internship and how many credits for an individual/ group project?
    2. Where do you plan to do an internship and what steps have you taken for obtaining the internship?
    3. Describe your individual/group project in detail: (a) area of interest, (b) how you go about pursuing your interest? And (c) how is the area related to what you have learned in body, mind, and soul?
  1. If there are more than 50 students interested in the Spring program, faculty may have to select students on the basis of students’ shown commitment during the past one or two quarters and the demonstrated seriousness of students’ Spring plan.
  2. Please pay your tuition on time so that you are not going to be automatically disenrolled from the program.
6. If you are planning on taking 12 credits instead of 16, you need to register for 16 then

drop 4 credits during the first week of Spring quarter. This is because the program

was set up for 16 credits.

Spring quarter books

1. Tolle, Eckhart. (1999). The power of now. New World Library. ISBN: 1577311523 2. Skinner, B. F. (1976). About behaviorism, Random House. ISBN: 0394716183

3. Rogers, Carl. ( 1995). A way of being. Mariner Books. ISBN: 0395755301

4. Lorde, Audre. (1984). Sister outsider. Crossing Press. ISBN: 0895941414

  1. Ruiz, Don Migueil. (1997). The four agreements. Amber-Allen Pub.
Tentative Class Schedule

9:00 – 11:00 Whole Class Meeting
11:15 – 12:30 Seminar

Kabby’s Group

Heesoon’s Group

12:30 - 1:30 Lunch
1:30 - 3:30 Movement Activity