"The Far Side of the Moon, Robert Lepage's obsession with geography, inner exploration and the place and purpose of technology has led him, in his latest solo performance, to investigate the ultimate dream of our time: a voyage to outer space. The production follows the imagination of a 12 year old boy stranded in a laundromat. With him, we enter a world of overwhelming experiences, and a saga told by twelve men as they imprint their footsteps on a virgin lunar surface.

The Walker Center in Minneapolis sponsors a wonderful informational website on Telecommunications. Very rare: a well-done interactive history, in this case a Interactive telecommunications timeline

Geography, War, and Telecommunications during the NATO airstrikes on Kosovo:
Laura Kurgan: Spot 083-264 and by hyperhosts Naomi Spellman and Mary Jo Walters, the "parasite" project. Go to archive (after the shockwave text animation stops), then "kosovo".

Geography, War, and Telecommunications: Al Jazeera, the Qatar-based news source, the scourge of conservatives in the U.S. and the middle East.

An interview with Iranian-born photographer Shirin Neshat. Photographs by Shirin linked here as well.
A video by Shirin called LOGIC OF THE BIRDS.


Interactive Narrative: Hypertexts
Hypertext kitchen
Born Magazine, a large and varied collection of digital and interactive poetry.
Hypertext story with fluctuating text: The Jew's Daughter
The Marrow Monkey by film maker/musician Eric Loyer

Reading for this week includes:
Essay by Narrative as landscape

Interactivity with GPS, Digital Compass, and online networks
Uses of GPS
Digital Compass controlled interactive narrative:The Gambit
Right as Rain, a weather dependent love sonnet

Reference Sources for Research
Very good and very necessary: tips for doing searches online. Stop wasting your time.
Plumb design visual thesaurus

Webmonkey Website. Excellent resource for creating web pages. Go through all items on this page on HTML..
Explanation of bin hex numbering and web color. Go through all numbered items at left
Great color chart with bin hex values included.
Basic Tables.

Live Work
Multimedia/performance series in Seattle: the Northwest New Works Festival: 20th Anniversary. Fridays/Saturdays from April 4-19. Behnke Center for Contemporary Performance in Seattle.


Interpretive Natural and Outdoor Projects
Columbia Gorge Wind River Nursery Canopy Crane (WRCCRF), University of Washington
The Center for Land Use Interpretation
Crop circles
GPS Drawing
Hamish Fulton's walks
Eleanor Antin's boots

Very informative info page on telecommunication
Daily Wireless Website. The Mother of all Wireless Technology Websites, with an avalanche of incredible links. Try "Top 10", the GPS links, MIT's Social Media link (Below)
MIT's social media group

Sound recording with mini disk recorder. Read this BEFORE you record!!

Early virtual and realspace interactive site specific narrativeThe Detective Story. Ethan suggests that we start with "Past Cases", and then "The Sancturary." Have fun!

Hubs of News Links from places outside the U.S.

Technology, the Military, and Simulation
The state of Military Technology
Circulating among the Reserves: How to prepare for war at home. Try this at home!

Best thing I found online on Silkscreen Printing.
How to by comic artists, with diagrams. Funny shit. Read pp. 8-13 and you won't regret it.
Silkscreen Printing Overview
Silkscreen Printing: photo stencils
Print Glossary (for masochists)


Wireless and GPS Application
MIT's Sociable Media Group See link at left to "projects" for research projects that engage the social aspect of networks
Net Art Review. Eduardo Navasse's compilation of networked art, reviewed by competent people.
Daily Wireless, with extensive links. Check out the "top 10" link at top, "mapping" links page (left side nav bar) and the GPS links page
GPS Information: Excellent page of links to GPS technology and related. Pragmatic, extensive information.
low cost gps jammer

Mapping, Geography, and Navigation
NASA's Satellite Earth Images
Terraserver, Aerial and satellite photos of much of the U.S.
Panoramic maps 1847-1929, From the Library of Congress American Memory project
Emergency navigation (for masochists)
Download Starry Nightsoftware. A Planetarium on your desktop!

For Your Research Projects
Alta Vista Search terms: Be specific with your online searches

Natalie Ray's Antigua Sailing Race Information.
Racing Sunday April 27th - Saturday May 3rd. Boat Prep April 24th - April 26th. Race Information
Photos of the boat Natalie is racing
Boat website


GIS; Data Sets; GPS
Evergreen's Geographic Information Website
Statewide Washington Datasets
Evergreen Campus Datasets
Topo Maps of our area:USGS maps
Daily Wireless, with extensive links. Check out the "top 10" link at top, "mapping" links page (left side nav bar) and the GPS links page
GPS Information: Excellent page of links to GPS technology and related. Pragmatic, extensive information.


Art and Communication festival and symposium May 15-19 in Latvia, addressing information networks and post-modern architectonics