The students in the Citizen Artist Program designed these political posters as statements about the potential U.S. war with Iraq.

Poster Design Project assignment


Bush Boxer

Laila Mazer and Carli Davidson




I Bet You WIll

Aaron Schallenberger




Shanna Pierce and Michelle Reynolds




Brian Boswell




This is War

Alex Van de Mark




War is Peace

Casey James




Dirk Kinsey and Ethan McCooper




Miriam Easley





Jennifer Wright




Wilder Boule and Victor Samuels




Stefan Krik




Nathan Scott




Brian Boswell




Benj Cameron and Andrew Weymouth




Carli Davidson




Anne Sarah Watkins




Ruth Nelson and Esther Clark




Alison Riffer and Jessica Thorne



Andrew Kersten Willie Taylor and Andrew Csank




Colleen Frakes, Rina Takamori and Myong Kim



Kelsye Nelson



Brendan Broman and Tracy Lavigne



Laura Kowalski and Kiel Moton