Fall 2002
October 2   Introductions
Class goals and book descriptions
HMK comments on values, virtues morality and resposibility
  October 5 Seminar The Moral Sense
Video: A day in a Japanese School
Potluck Lunch
Values documents -- Writing exercise
Read: Moral Sense 1-121
Write: Seminar Reflection
Bring: Potluck food or drink to share
October 9   Seminar Confucius Lives Next Door
Japanese/American teenager contrasts Notsu and HMK
Selection of values topics for individual research
Read: Confucius Lives Next Door
Write: Seminar Reflection
October 16   Seminar: A Tribe Apart
Writing workshop: Distilling a longer piece.
Read: A Tribe Apart
Write Seminar Reflection
  October 19 Lecture/ discussion: "meaning" in films and real world observations HMK
Workshop: a personal history of values education
Small group discussions on first group source materials
Film: Clueless
either Read: Friday Night Lights
or Read: First half of Fast Food Nation
or Watch: MTV twice for 2 hours
October 23   Part time Studies Workshops all evening (and/or attend a workshop from 1-4pm on Saturday October 26)

Helena will give advice to those who want guidance on which workshop to take

Bring: Source list for your 3 values 
E-mail exchange of responses to your second group source:
    Observations at Grub and at restaurants
    Observations at Thekla, Voyeur, Capitol theater or interviews at Record companies
    Read: Sacred Hoops or observations at a football game
October 30    Seminar: Learning to Bow
Notsu: Japanese education seen from the inside
Read: Learning to Bow
Write: Seminar Reflection
  November 2 Lecture: Elizabeth Minnich --Education and Moral Responsibility (Shared Session with MIT)
Small Groups

Bring: Ideas for your part of the small group presentation
November 6   Small Group Presentations
Pop Music and Sports
Write: Pop music Handouts 
Write: Sports Handouts
November 13   Small group Presentation Food and Work
Lecture HMK Specialized Youth Groups and values: theater, gangs, teen council
Write: Food Handouts
  November 16 Seminar Lives on the Boundary
Lecture/discussion: Robin Preciso teacher
Film: Boyz n the Hood
Violence group presents their mid-quarter progress
Read Lives on the Boundary
Write Seminar Reflection
Violence Group brings a mid-term report
November 20   Film/Audio Clips: HMK values across the media
Values research follow up -- writing to polish
Bring: 3-6 pages of notes and sketches for the values entries, to be worked on in class
December 4   Seminar: Second Nature
First Seven people read Values entries
Read: Second Nature
Write: Seminar Reflection
 First Seven People ---
Write and Bring 24 copies of your values entries
  December 7 Class meets at Helena's House -- Values in Winter
Johanna Nitze Marquis: Gardner and artist
Potluck lunch
Last 15 people read Values entries
Write and Bring 24 copies of your values entries
Dec 11   Catcher In the Rye Finding the Values
Announcement of selected entries
Closing and book binding
Vote, via e-mail on the encyclopedia entries
Dec 14- 17   Final evaluations either evening or weekend