Alternative Energy Organizations
Sandia National Labratories is based out of Sandia, CA and specializes in; Biotechnology, Chemical and Biological Threat Responses, Combustion and Renewable Energy Research, Distributed Informational Systems and Information
Protection, Environment Sciences, Microsystems Technologies.  Detailed briefs and a schematic on their Hydrogen research programs can be found on this site.

Centre for the Analysis and Dissemination of Demonstrated Energy Technologies (CADDET)

Based in the Netherlands, this organization covers a wide range of topics related to energy. In fact, its two other sister sites and also cover similar topics as well (oftentimes itís all the same). There is also an area where members post statistical and analytical information regarding certain topics (like Slashdot for renewable energy).


David Rezachek home website

This personal website has more to offer on renewable energies than agency websites I have come across. The author has an extensive background in ocean and nuclear energy resources, has written books on renewables and now conducts a successful consulting firm in Hawaii.Some of his major headings include: energy conversion and efficiency, fact sheets on all renewable energy sources, value/benefits of renewable energy, utility integration of renewables, village power/rural electrification, energy incentive programs/alternate funding, energy economics, advanced cost determinations/externalities, energy facility sitting and permitting.There are also some very interesting information on solar energy and hybrid cars. S. Godin This beautiful website was created by the European Renewable Energy Council.††† It provides access to their publications and press releases as well as information about upcoming events and overviews of different renewable energy resources.You can find good information on this website, but not a lot of material.The EREC is the umbrella organization for the EPIA (European Photovoltaic Industry Association), EWEA (European Wind Energy Association), ESHA (European Small Hydropower Association), EUBIA (European Biomass Industry Association), ESIF (European Solar Industry Federation), and EUREC (European Association of Renewable Energy Research Centers).The site is very easy to maneuver through and regularly updated. WM

The Green Energy News website provides news on clean, renewable and efficient energy, technology, issues, policy and business.You can find information about alternative fuels, energy efficiency, energy storage, power generation, vehicles, and more.There is news on recent advancements in renewable energies, and an archive of articles published by Green Energy News.There are also links to other energy related websites.The web site would be improved if it were easier to maneuver through.However, it does contain interesting articles that are worth reading.The site is updated on a weekly basis by Green Energy News in Baltimore, MD. WM


Interstate Renewable Energy Council

A collection of a few bigger projects currently using renewable energy in the states.Some of it is simply feel good candy, other portions a bit more serious as they attempt to look at the motivation behind the consumer and foster such"good" deeds.



Database of State Incentives for Renewable Energy

A database listing "state, local, utility and selected federal financial incentives that promote renewable energy."Found it exceptionally easy to use, and I learned a fair bit about Washington's incentives.A fair number of the listed incentives are no more then incentives to consume "green" electricity but rebates, loans and tax deferrals are pointed out as well.


State Renewable Energy News

A collection of newsletters sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy with state-by-state data telling what changes they've made in their renewable energy programs.Dates back to the winter of 1992.Relatively easy to use, the states are alphabetically ordered within the newsletter- saving time and potential frustration if not completely enthralled with the happenings in other states.AE


Energy Information Administration

Another great site filled with too much information to absorb in one sitting.A thorough exploration of energy linked to present, near history, far history, climate trends and beyond.A great web site to supplement classroom texts.Worth looking at. AE

This website is a recently published annual review of the world's energy demand of oil, natural gas, coal, nuclear, hydroelectric, solar and wind power.This site created by the BP oil company has many educational charts, graphs and maps.BP is also research and developing renewable energies all around the world.Although this website does promote the continuing consumption of oil resources, the information and illustrations are very easy to understand and interesting.†††††††††† MT

This site educates individuals of all ages about the different renewable energies.It gives an overview of how solar, wind, water, biomass and other energy sources.In addition, it teaches one how to build small-scale working models of different alternative energies.This is a great educational resource to use with children and individuals with little knowledge pertaining to renewable energies.It even has follow-up questions to use for teaching.In addition, there are many links to other pertinent sites.Overall this site is very informative and comprehensible.MT

The Falls Brook Centre is a sustainable demonstration community in New Brunswick, Canada.They work for sustainable energy, forestry, and agriculture systems and strive to educate people through workshops and internships.Recently, The Big Blue Discovery Bus made its debut, featuring traveling information and demonstration of renewable energy sources.FBC also has projects in Nicaragua and India.This site has especially good links on a variety of topics, many related to Canada but others offer international information. AW

This is the web site of the Rocky Mountain Institute which "is an entrepreneurial, nonprofit organization that fosters the efficient and restorative use of resources to create a more secure, prosperous, and life-sustaining world." Site navigation is very easy and clear-cut. They cover topics that range from energy, communities, and transportation. They base much of their authority on the research they are able to do and the reputation that they have earned over the years. They keep the page up to date and discuss the issues that are current. N > Midwest Renewable energy association. Supported by membership fees. Long list of RE related businesses, educational facts page. Wisconsin based, holds workshops about RE in WI and MN. Also includes virtual tour of solar homes.Last updated Jan 13, 2003. RD > Search engine, global, updated news articles, technology info, well-organized list of links. Copywrite 2003-CADDET Renewable Energy. RD Technology Association. Nonprofit since 1980. From Australia. Relatively small site, good info on "green cleaning". Last updated Feb 1, 2003. RD>Great Lakes Renewable Energy Association. nonprofit. Offers info about workshops in Michigan, and about GLREA training and certification through Northwestern Michigan College. Also offers case studies about RE projects in Michigan's national parks. RD†† Mega site. Global, diverse. Lots of links, articles, databases, long list of organizations, and excellent coverage of global news stories.Sponsored by The World News Network. RD††† Northwest Energy Coalition. Member of: Columbia and Snake Rivers Campaign & Earthshare of WA. From Seattle. Appears current. Includes a job posting. Simple lay-outs; pages hardly crowded, easy to navigate, info-packed nooks and crannies throughout. RD This site used to be called Solstice. Now simply Crest. A great source for up to date information on renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainability. Covering a broad range of topics, their goal is to accelerate the use of renewable energy by providing credible information. JQ A portal to hydrogen fuel cell clean energy. In depth information on Fuel cells, and a daily updated news forum on hydrogen trading world wide and current events in advancing fuel cell technology. JQ The National Hydrogen Association is a membership organization founded by a group of ten industry, university, research, and small business members in 1989. Today the NHAís membership has grown to nearly 70 members, including representatives from the automobile industry; aerospace; federal, state, and local government; energy providers; and many other industry stakeholders. The NHA serves as a catalyst for information exchange and cooperative projects and provides the setting for mutual support among industry, government, and research/academic organizations. JQ The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing energy efficiency as a means of promoting both economic prosperity and environmental protection. ACEEE fulfills its mission by conducting in-depth technical and policy assessments, organizing conferences and workshops and publishing books, conference proceedings, and reports. They work on Policies to improve energy efficiency can reduce oil imports, improve the reliability of the U.S. electric grid, save consumers money, reduce air pollution, create jobs and reduce prices. JQ A non-profit organization, Global Energy Network Institute was founded in 1986 by Peter Meisen to investigate the idea of Dr. R. Buckminster Fuller, proposing a global electric energy grid as the number one priority to solve many of the world's most pressing problems. GENI's mission is to accelerate the attainment of optimal, sustainable energy solutions in the shortest possible time for the peace, health and prosperity of all. JQ

Real Goods, based in California, is the largest supplier of renewable energy products.While the website offers a wide variety of green products for sustainable living, they also showcase the latest innovations in energy efficiency.Even if not making a purchase, this site will be helpful in educating oneís self on the current market of alternative and efficient energy products.The closest retail store is in Eugene, Oregon but the company offers a free catalog. BB

NW Energy Efficiency Alliance

This alliance is non-profit.They have many projects attempting to make energy-efficient products and services affordable and available. This site has overviews and details about many efficiency projects.It also has news following projects in action, and information about project proposals.Itís a good place to find out what is actually happening out there in terms of change.AH

"Our corporate mission is to become the leading global supplier of integrated solutions for distributed infrastructure requirements."This site details the products and technology of Stuart Energy Systems.This site is updated regularly with press releases of Stuart Energy's recent advancements.Contact information is available as well as a page of career opportunities with Stuart Energy. WT Renewable Northwest Project is a coalition of public interest organizations and energy companies. They provide general information about renewable energy as well as specific applications, incentives, and potential for northwestern United States. Last updated 2000. AM