Concentrating Solar Power or CSP Technologies, Solar Two uses an innovative molten nitrate salt receiver, storage, and generating system. The central receiver tower is surrounded by 1,818 heliostats that reflect the equivalent of 600 suns onto the central receiver tank., It is the goal of the PS10 (Planta Solar 10) project to design, construct and operate in a commercial basis a first-of-its-kind 10 MW solar CRS plant (Central Receiver System) producing electricity in a grid-connected mode and based on volumetric air technology., By collecting solar energy during daylight hours and storing it in hot molten salt, concentrating solar power technologies like power towers give utilities an alternative method for meeting peak loads  and   Concentrating cells, while a great idea, are a difficult product to maintain over the long run, because if you lose the precise tracking which is required, you have lost your entire source of power. It does take a good person to pay attention to detail and install them correctly. Plus, what they were trying, in terms of using adhesives at the temperatures involved at 300 suns concentration, was remarkable. CLFR is a linear Fresnel reflector system with several or many linear absorbers in the system, allowing the construction of plants in the multi-megawatt range (Fig. 1). CLFR individual reflectors can have the option of directing reflected solar radiation to at least two absorbers in linear systems.