Carbon Sequestration

The DOE Consortium for Research on Enhancing Carbon Sequestration in Terrestrial Ecosystems

The above site is helpful in learning about the new area of science that is dedicated to developing a complete understanding of carbon sequestration in terrestrial ecosystems.  This site is organized around these main topics: research, publications, presentations, contacts, references, news, links and FAQ’s.  The information is clear, thorough and progressive.  BB

The National Energy Technology Laboratory on Carbon Sequestration

At this site, the reader will find extensive information on the role of carbon sequestration in today’s scientific research programs across the United States.  Although the site is maintained by one entity, it collaborates research from other organizations.  The currently available information ranges from basic to complex.  This site provides factual discussions on carbon sequestration for geological, marine and terrestrial systems.  They also have a virtual library of topic references, as well as useful links to related sites.  BB