This website details the work by the Australian Government's work toward cutting emission by promoting the awareness of renewable energies.  The AGO is the world's first government agency dedicated to cutting greenhouse emissions.  This site is not just informative but, as they say, to be used as a tool for the Commonwealth Government and Industry to build relationships with each other.  To help each other take greater strides towards counteracting the effects of global warming by boosting Renewable Energy sources, working on greater energy efficiency, greenhouse research and monitoring, the encouragement of business and industry to use less greenhouse intensive transport as well as practicing sustainable land development.

 Northwest Environment Watch

 Small website with a homebase in Seattle.  Emphasis on the local green issues.  Current imformation and easy to navigate.

University of Colorado Student Union Environmental Center

Clean Energy Now!

            This website is helpful because it provides a model of what students at other colleges around the country are doing to integrate alternative energy practices into their school.  Their website is helpful in demonstrating how a student body can organize substantial change within there campus facilities.  The website coverage includes a description of Clean Energy Now, plus their events and projects.  They also include semi in-depth information on energy issues.  The Clean Energy homepage has many links to renewable energy websites. This is the website of the Global Directory for Environmental Technology.  Categories covered by this website include power generation, energy efficiency, new and renewable energy, waste water treatment, wasted management and recycling, cleanup and soil rehabilitation, and air and noise pollution control.  It serves as a guide to environmental products and services, from suppliers in 139 countries. There is information about organizations, conferences and publications related to environmental activities.  This visually appealing site is recommended for persons building a new home.  Students interested in what is available on the market will find this site useful.


Cleaner and Greener The Leonardo Academy's Cleaner and Greener "Green Energy Program" educates others how to decrease pollution and increase energy efficiency through the use of renewable energies.  In their 95-page report available on the web, they inform the positive and negative impacts to the environment and human health created by the various energies.  These energies include: coal, oil, gasification combined cycle, natural gas combined cycle, a fuel cell, wind, biomass and solar.  They also discuss the consumption amounts of energy throughout the world, the costs of various green energies and how to reduce emissions through simple use of green energies. In general this report is very detailed, well research and highly educational. MT



Airhead focuses on the effects of energy use especially fossil fuels with regards to air pollutions.  They have an emissions calculator to determine your personal environmental impact, product search providing consumer information and a discussion forum engage in debates about energies and links. Last updated 2003 AP-M

This site has a TON of information!  Facts about global warming and its causes, energy efficient building design, renewable energy sources.  It has full reports on specific topics such as biogas.  It is really up-to-date, easy to use, and well maintained and put together.  Climate Solutions is a project of The Earth Island Institute in San Francisco, CA.  AH

National Environmental Trust

They are a non-profit, non-partisan membership group that educates the public about scientific information regarding the environment.  This site has thorough information covering all environmental issues.  It presents news articles as well as fact sheets.  The information is referenced.  It has helpful links as well.  AH Eco Living Center.   Round up the texts and head to this site to spread the joy of knowledge.  You will find all sorts of questions being asked about renewables; how they work, practical, economic or are they “totally useless”?  (Yes, there still those among us who doubt the validity of such solutions.)  Found the questions fun to explore, if I had the time they could be fun to answer.  You can post questions of your own as well. AE

This is a site about urban greywater. There is a sub page that has links to organizations, which are mainly in Sweden. There is also a sub page that discusses different model cities, projects, and system analysis. There are also many links to external sources. There is also a current news section that looks like it is updated every few weeks. E Ceert is a non-profit organization to promote a community among scientists, consumers, and technology companies. The focus is on global warming, air quality, transportation, and energy. This web page provides news and links INDEXED by industry, non-profit, education and government. Updated daily. AM