Fuel Cell

The Online Fuel Cell Information Center is a very comprehensive website.  Running the gamut of; how the work, types, publications, benefits and charts The Online Fuel Cell Information Center catches the laymen up to speed.  With a FAQ that one can add questions to that are not currently listed and "Resources for Teachers and Students" information is set in motion.  If you want to know who the Fuel Cell Developers in the world are this site has a list and links to their respective websites.  This sit is also updated most frequently (at least every month) with links to journal articles containing the most recent developments in fuel cell technology.



This site demonstrates a unique partnership between auto manufacturers, energy companies, fuel cell technology companies and government agencies.  There are links to up-to-date technological advances in fuel cells and a demonstration on how the fuel cell works.  Also an on-line fuel cell dictionary.



a well organized site that offers an inside look into Georgetown University's Advanced Vehicle Program.  They are working to commercialize fuel cell technology to help satisfy the nation's need for environmentally sound transit buses.



Ballard Power Systems is working on all aspects of fuel cell technology and is a world leader in manufacturing zero-emission proton exchange membrane fuel cells.  This site is a great way to be informed about new fuel cell advances, products and prototypes.


http://futureenergies.com > Future Energies Magazine, partners with UK Fuel CEll Network. Global news articles regarding diverse RE topics. Copywrite 2001. RD

http://www.h2fuelcells.org/ A portal to hydrogen fuel cell clean energy. In depth information on Fuel cells, and a daily updated news forum on hydrogen trading world wide and current events in advancing fuel cell technology. JQ


UTC Fuel Cells, of United Technologies, is the supplier for U.S. space shuttles and have been producing a commercial fuel cell power plant since 1991.  This site contains technical papers and updated press releases concerning their on going efforts in R&D.  This site also contains information on available and developing products for commercial and residential use. WT



The official website for the California Fuel Cell Partnership.  This site contains updated information about the Partnership's efforts in placing FCVs on the road, working out infrastructure issues and increasing public awareness.  There is plenty of recent information on this site. WT


www.fuelcellworld.org  Self proclaimed "The Internet Home to the World Fuel Cell Council."  This site is in service of updating people to fuel cell commercialization worldwide.  Lots of information but doesn't appear to updated frequently. WT



This site offers an animated visualization of a Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cell.  It also has a chemical explanation and FAQ page.  Last updated 12/16/99.  Contact info is provided. WT



This site includes information concerning the latest news in Canada's fuel cell research.  It serves as a promotion for the Canadian fuel cell industry.  Not very technical , however its news is current. WT



Fuel Cell Safety Systems is a company set up to assist the hydrogen revolution by designing hazardous gas detection systems for stationary fuel cells, fuel processors, mini-turbines and hydrogen generation equipment.  Information is available about their technology, basics on the "hydrogen revolution" and how fuel cells work.  Fuel Cell Safety Systems has a contact number on the site and is a division of Family Safety Products Inc. WT



This is a very basic web site that includes a overview of 156 hydrogen powered vehicles in various stages of development and hydrogen filing stations that have been proposed or are currently in use.  This site is provided by L-B-Systemtechnik and includes a link with contact info. WT



This is the official web site of the National Hydrogen Association.  It is updated  frequently and has plenty of contact information.  This site covers "hydrogen basics”, codes and standards, current news and events as well as numerous links.  The sites purpose is self-proclaimed to "aggressively promote" the use of hydrogen.  There is plenty of good, current information on this site but it is glossy and has the feel the site was created by people who have money invested in hydrogen. WT