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Clean Fuels for Clean Air-Honolulu

This is a fun place for children and adults to learn more about alternative fuels.There are virtual activities and educational games oriented towards children, but useful for adults too.While sometimes simplistic, the information is reliable.A page of information is devoted to each of these clean fuels: biodiesel, propane, electricity and alcohol fuels.†††† BB


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BABFO The British Association for Biofuels and Oils

Summary:BABFO works to establish the biofuel market in the UK (especially biodiesel).Their main objective is to persuade the British government to modify taxes to allow for the establishment of a biodiesel industry.Secondly the association is working on establishing a Biodiesel production plant capable of production on a scale sufficient to make biodiesel an economically feasible option.The web site includes the groupís newsletters, information on BABFOís progress, and links to other biodiesel sites. MD


Biodiesel Now

Summary:This website was founded by a group of Pacific-Northwest locals who are all about biodiesel.The site is jam packed with great info on biodiesel and itís progress in the United States.The best part of the site is its forums section, with topics ranging from general biodiesel questions & info, to cold-weather and marine biodiesel.Additionally there are regional forums including: 14 state & regional, 2 Canadian, and 1European.The Pacific-Northwest forum includes a great list of local biodiesel retailers. MD