Geothermal This is a visually appealing website on geothermal energy.  The web page was created by the Idaho Department of Water Resources.  It shows how geothermal power has been used in green houses, heating systems, district heating, and aquaculture.  Its search engine is not yet up and functioning.  The site is funded through a grant from the United States Department of Energy.  It was last updated on September 16, 2002. WM > Geothermal Resources Council. Excellent descriptions of basic geothermal concepts. From Davis, California. Last updated Jan 1, 2003. RD > Stanford Geothermal Program.  Lots of technical downloadable reports and articles from as recent as September, 2002.  Ultimate source for geothermal reports. RD

This Web Site ( is maintained by the Renewable Northwest Project and it was last updated on 5/00. It is a article on geothermal energy potential for the Northwest.  SF This is an international geothermal web page that provides information on geothermal technology, potential use, as well as historical and current use of nations with detailed information on each. Lasted updated April 2002. AM