How the Hydrogen Economy Works

            This website is very informative and deals explicitly with hydrogen fuel.  Almost every aspect of a hydrogen fuel economy is covered in a span of roughly ten pages.  One can find an explanation about where hydrogen comes from at this site.  Also, there is a page devoted to the storage and transportation of hydrogen.  All the information is in-depth and easy to understand.  Both the benefits and the drawbacks of hydrogen fuels are clearly represented here.               



"Our corporate mission is to become the leading global supplier of integrated solutions for distributed infrastructure requirements."  This site details the products and technology of Stuart Energy Systems.  This site is updated regularly with press releases of Stuart Energy's recent advancements.  Contact information is available as well as a page of career opportunities with Stuart Energy. WT



This hydrogen Now web site is organized by the Engineering Research Center of Colorado State University.  It is an international organization that recognizes the importance of diversifying the energy industry and is striving to increase public awareness of the ongoing developments and benefits of hydrogen as a practical fuel source.  This site is updated weekly with news and event from around the world.  Contact information is available. WT



Fuel Cell Safety Systems is a company set up to assist the hydrogen revolution by designing hazardous gas detection systems for stationary fuel cells, fuel processors, mini-turbines and hydrogen generation equipment.  Information is available about their technology, basics on the "hydrogen revolution" and how fuel cells work.  Fuel Cell Safety Systems has a contact number on the site and is a division of Family Safety Products Inc. WT



This is a very basic web site that includes a overview of 156 hydrogen powered vehicles in various stages of development and hydrogen filing stations that have been proposed or are currently in use.  This site is provided by L-B-Systemtechnik and includes a link with contact info. WT



This is the official web site of the National Hydrogen Association.  It is updated  frequently and has plenty of contact information.  This site covers "hydrogen basics”, codes and standards, current news and events as well as numerous links.  The sites purpose is self-proclaimed to "aggressively promote" the use of hydrogen.  There is plenty of good, current information on this site but it is glossy and has the feel the site was created by people who have money invested in hydrogen. WT