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Beth Belanger

Residential Energy Efficiency

This site contains an extensive list of fact sheets to provide homeowners with information for increasing energy efficiency.  The scope of information ranges from “Energy-Efficient Windows” to “Environmental and Energy Benefits of Geothermal Heat Pumps”.  Each fact sheet ends with a list of organizations pertinent to the subject.  The website is organized by “Northwest Builders Network”.

Real Goods

Real Goods, based in California, is the largest supplier of renewable energy products.  While the website offers a wide variety of green products for sustainable living, they also showcase the latest innovations in energy efficiency.  Even if not making a purchase, this site will be helpful in educating one’s self on the current market of alternative and efficient energy products.  The closest retail store is in Eugene, Oregon but the company offers a free catalog.

Energy Citation Database

This website is for finding energy information, published by the Department of Energy and their predecessors.  This is a great resource for anyone looking to do more research on energy topics.  The database draws materials from 1948 through the present.

Pacific Northwest National Laboratories

Wonder what energy research is taking place in our region?  Then this is the site to visit.  Most of the topics are related to energy technology.  They offer a wide variety of information, including fuel cell and geo-thermal technology.  There are also many useful links and resources.  This site is quite easy to navigate through.

An Introduction to Biogas

This site is useful because it clearly explains biogas production in understandable terms.  There are slide shows that contain detailed information on anaerobic digestion and “plug-flow digesters.”  The photo gallery is particularly helpful in showing the variety of bio-digesters built in the past.  I like this site because it shows how diverse digesters are in relation to location, size and type of effluent being used.  With a little ingenuity, one can build their own bio-digester for production of electricity and fertilizer. 


Susan M. Forsythe

This web site ( is maintained by the State of California and is kept current. This web site has a few energy saving tips for residents, government, agriculture, and industry. It also has basic information on renewable energy. But what I like most about this web site is its database for rebates and incentives for Californian residents using energy-efficient technologies. SF

Maintained by Wilson Strategies this web site ( contains consumer information on appliance efficiency, government policy, and many links to alternative energy web sites. SF

Home Energy Magazine is a nonprofit organization that maintains this web site ( It includes information on residential energy conservation, articles for do-it-your-self home owners and a training calendar for contractors to build more energy-efficient homes. SF

This Web Site ( is maintained by the Renewable Northwest Project and it was last updated on 5/00. It is a article on geothermal energy potential for the Northwest.  SF

This article from May 1999 is from It gives examples of cost-effective ways to incorporate green building techniques and how building green saves money in the long run. SF


Anna Hicks

NW Energy Efficiency Alliance

This alliance is non-profit.  They have many projects attempting to make energy-efficient products and services affordable and available. This site has overviews and details about many efficiency projects.  It also has news following projects in action, and information about project proposals.  It’s a good place to find out what is actually happening out there in terms of change.  AH

Energy Ideas Clearinghouse

This site is mainly to provide businesses, industry, government and utilities with resources and information on how to be more energy efficient.  It can benefit us by showing us the latest recommendations and standards.  The best resources here are the articles available about renewable energy and energy efficiency. AH

This site has a TON of information!  Facts about global warming and its causes, energy efficient building design, renewable energy sources.  It has full reports on specific topics such as biogas.  It is really up-to-date, easy to use, and well maintained and put together.  Climate Solutions is a project of The Earth Island Institute in San Francisco, CA.  AH

National Environmental Trust

They are a non-profit, non-partisan membership group that educates the public about scientific information regarding the environment.  This site has thorough information covering all environmental issues.  It presents news articles as well as fact sheets.  The information is referenced.  It has helpful links as well.  AH

America, Oil & National Security: What Government and Industry Data Really Show

I will let the title speak for itself.  This is an excellent summary of national security, energy independence, consumption, trends, etc.  It has lots of graphs in accompaniment.  It is downloadable and printable, but also very readable online.  AH

The City of Austin’s Green Building Program and Sustainable Sources agreed to make this Sourcebook available in electronic format in early 1994.  It contains guidelines and information for the design and construction of a number of different Green building techniques, from sunspaces and straw bale houses to roof ponds and passive solar water heating.  Specific topics covered are Water, Energy, Building Materials, and Solid Waste.  AH

“The Coming Global Oil Crisis” is mysterious as to who and/or what it is.  But this site provides a huge amount of direct links to other sites and articles about all aspects of petroleum.  The information ranges from extremely current to very old.  I highly recommend looking at the Summary and Overview in the left-hand side toolbar for overall oil statistics. AH

This Renewable Energy Policy Project provides information in all renewable fields.  It gives mostly overviews, but has links to articles as well.  Most information revolves around policy and applied sustainable practices.  Thet are “a pioneering force publishing information about renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainability available on the Internet.” AH

This site explains “technologies and practices that improve the energy and resource efficiency of commercial and multi-unit residential buildings.”  The information can be applied to overall efficiency in buildings in general.  It gives the definition, description, benefits, limitations, applications, experience, and costs of many efficient building strategies. AH

Try this for very recent propaganda!  It supplies articles covering the usual vague stuff about oil in the headlines.  It is put together by the World News Network, which has links to other sites as well, such as and  Weird, huh? AH



Amos Elias   PV Portal.  A link that contains breaking news pertaining to photovoltaic technologies.  This site is updated routinely, most recent article listed was February 19.  Listings of prices for modules, as well as companies found within countries that manufacture, install or design photovoltaic systems.  Found the site easy to use and pertinent.  AE  The Source for Renewable Energy.  This site was a little confusing to use but worth exploring it’s renewable energy news.  The articles contained on this site come from a number of different sources and contain many a different opinion, from a reporter rolling their eyes at Ralph Nader to the exploration of policy in Maryland pushing the use of wind power.  An extensive list of businesses that can be accessed via country, state or technology totaling 5972 is available.  I’m sure there are more, but a good start.  AE Eco Living Center.   Round up the texts and head to this site to spread the joy of knowledge.  You will find all sorts of questions being asked about renewables; how they work, practical, economic or are they “totally useless”?  (Yes, there still those among us who doubt the validity of such solutions.)  Found the questions fun to explore, if I had the time they could be fun to answer.  You can post questions of your own as well. AE World Energy News.  A vast collection of world energy news.  Divided up into regions, energy sources, politics, and more.  I found myself wanting more time to explore.  Gives a background as well as current status of the industry within the confines of politics, need and business. AE




This is the web page of the Sustainable City: Working Toward a Sustainable Future for San Francisco. They discuss many different topic of sustainability and how they want to achieve these ideas. They also have links to different pages where you may learn about additional ideas on these topics as well as different organizations involved with the project. E

This is a sub site within a site for use by all geography students and teachers, although much of it has been designed with the Northern Ireland Geography Curriculum in mind. The topic discussed is the city of Belfast. The topics discussed include the urban structure of Belfast, the central business district, and a few others. The topic that caught my attention was Belfast - a sustainable city? They talk about the ecological footprint and show how much affect a small area can have on the whole. An interesting way to incorporate this concept into more mainstream education. E

This is a personal web site of a couple that lives in Portland Oregon. On it is a collection of articles written about them from various newspapers as well as articles they have written or collected and posted. There are some links within articles to external sources, but not many. I like this page because it gives you a good idea of what things you can do to achieve sustainability on a small scale for yourself. It was last updated about a year ago. E

This is a site about urban greywater. There is a sub page that has links to organizations, which are mainly in Sweden. There is also a sub page that discusses different model cities, projects, and system analysis. There are also many links to external sources. There is also a current news section that looks like it is updated every few weeks. E

Web page for National Institute of Urban Affairs, a part of the India Urban Information Resource Center. This page discusses many different policies of the Indian government. There are links to ongoing projects, current research, and many other things. This allows us to see what other countries are doing to address issues that the U. S. may not be or may be doing differently. E


William Tubman

Fuel Cell Safety Systems is a company set up to assist the hydrogen revolution by designing hazardous gas detection systems for stationary fuel cells, fuel processors, mini-turbines and hydrogen generation equipment.  Information is available about their technology, basics on the "hydrogen revolution" and how fuel cells work.  Fuel Cell Safety Systems has a contact number on the site and is a division of Family Safety Products Inc. WT

This is a very basic web site that includes a overview of 156 hydrogen powered vehicles in various stages of development and hydrogen filing stations that have been proposed or are currently in use.  This site is provided by L-B-Systemtechnik and includes a link with contact info. WT

This is the official web site of the National Hydrogen Association.  It is updated  frequently and has plenty of contact information.  This site covers "hydrogen basics”, codes and standards, current news and events as well as numerous links.  The sites purpose is self-proclaimed to "aggressively promote" the use of hydrogen.  There is plenty of good, current information on this site but it is glossy and has the feel the site was created by people who have money invested in hydrogen. WT

This site includes information concerning the latest news in Canada's fuel cell research.  It serves as a promotion for the Canadian fuel cell industry.  Not very technical , however its news is current. WT

This hydrogen Now web site is organized by the Engineering Research Center of Colorado State University.  It is an international organization that recognizes the importance of diversifying the energy industry and is striving to increase public awareness of the ongoing developments and benefits of hydrogen as a practical fuel source.  This site is updated weekly with news and event from around the world.  Contact information is available. WT

This site offers an animated visualization of a Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cell.  It also has a chemical explanation and FAQ page.  Last updated 12/16/99.  Contact info is provided. WT

"Our corporate mission is to become the leading global supplier of integrated solutions for distributed infrastructure requirements."  This site details the products and technology of Stuart Energy Systems.  This site is updated regularly with press releases of Stuart Energy's recent advancements.  Contact information is available as well as a page of career opportunities with Stuart Energy. WT

UTC Fuel Cells, of United Technologies, is the supplier for U.S. space shuttles and have been producing a commercial fuel cell power plant since 1991.  This site contains technical papers and updated press releases concerning their on going efforts in R&D.  This site also contains information on available and developing products for commercial and residential use. WT

The official website for the California Fuel Cell Partnership.  This site contains updated information about the Partnership's efforts in placing FCVs on the road, working out infrastructure issues and increasing public awareness.  There is plenty of recent information on this site. WT

Self proclaimed "The Internet Home to the World Fuel Cell Council."  This site is in service of updating people to fuel cell commercialization worldwide.  Lots of information but doesn't appear to updated frequently. WT

Amber Miles Ceert is a non-profit organization to promote a community among scientists, consumers, and technology companies. The focus is on global warming, air quality, transportation, and energy. This web page provides news and links INDEXED by industry, non-profit, education and government. Updated daily. AM This is an international geothermal web page that provides information on geothermal technology, potential use, as well as historical and current use of nations with detailed information on each. Lasted updated April 2002. AM Renewable Northwest Project is a coalition of public interest organizations and energy companies. They provide general information about renewable energy as well as specific applications, incentives, and potential for northwestern United States. Last updated 2000. AM

Amanda Wendt

The Renewable Energy Pilot Project works to publish information about renewable energy.  The website is organized by technology topic. AW

This is the website for the World-wide Information System for Renewable Energy, sponsored by the International Solar Energy Society.  It has an incredible amount of information available, which is the purpose of the project. AW

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory has coordinated with the Global Village Energy Project.  The result has been a “Renewables for Sustainable Village Power” website that has information on projects around the world dealing with village power. AW

The website of Solar Cooking International.  This organization does work in disseminating solar cooking to developing countries.  The website has information on solar cookers and an order form! AW


Wendy Miles

This is the best website I have seen this quarter!!!  This excellent site focuses on bringing electricity to rural villages was created by the Global Village Energy Partnership and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.  The site contains information on village power conferences, information about renewable energy technologies, and free software.  You can download three different analytical modeling programs that can be used to estimate a village’s renewable energy potential.  WM

This website has information on nuclear power plants, nuclear waste, Enron, and various energy production technologies.  The website is run by Public Citizen, a nonprofit advocacy organization founded by Ralph Nader to represent consumer interests in Washington, DC.  The group takes no funding from the government or corporations.  The site addresses the political and social side of energy and has many interesting and informative articles.  WM

Winrock International India (WWI) is a non-profit organization working in the areas of natural resource management, clean energy and climate change.  Their mission is to “develop and implement solutions that balance the need for food, income and environmental quality”.  Winrock also runs a web portal to renewable energy in India (, a website on climate change (, and a website on rural energy for both India and Cambodia ( and  The organization was founded by the Winthrop Rockefeller, son of John D. Rockefeller, Jr.  The site gives descriptions of the many projects WWI is involved in, but does not go into much detail.  WM

This website is wonderful for teachers!  It is all about energy conservation.  The site is part of the “Energy Conservation Enhancement Project” run by the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources.  It is filled with energy education curriculum materials.  Topics covered include diesel mechanics, drafting and design technology, energy audits, energy and comfort, energy conservation in construction and design, energy sources, home energy conservation, heating ventilation/air conditioning, and transportation.  There are great descriptions, diagrams, and quizzes.  The lessons in the site were originally published in 1992-93.  I highly recommend this site to middle school- high school teachers.  WM

The Geothermal Heat Pump Consortium (GNPC) is a nonprofit organization based out of Washington D.C.  The organization’s members are from electric utilities, the geoexchange industry, and other groups involved in the geothermal industry.  For this reason the site is biased.  But, it does have a search engine and an animated movie on how geothermal heat pumps work.  It also includes information about national meetings and presentations on geothermal energy.  The site is regularly updated.  WM