Practical Ocean Energy Management Systems (POEMS)


Formed in March of 2002, this California based non-profit organization was created to inform and educate the public about renewable ocean energies and mitigation costs of coastal environmental problems.  Their website contains a global and national economic incentive review for using ocean energy, lists 54 agency resource links, general and key facts pages (including frequently asked question and answer page and a school fact sheet), an industry links page listing over 50 American and international industries dealing with ocean energy, a page on policies and case studies, and information and links on moving forward with ocean energy as a renewable resource (how you can get involved and an excellent fact page on current U.S. status for potential ocean sites). Their website also contains an outcome model to measure all significant factors for using ocean energy in the form of a renewable resource.  POEMS has also manufactured a simple, low cost and effective teaching model about ocean energy available for purchase on their website.  This web-page is in my opinion a supreme resource on ocean energy. 


Easy Energy From the Sea


This website presents possibilities, problems, achievements, geographic prospects, and answers frequently asked questions on using ocean waves as a renewable energy resource.  This website also contains a links page with a full color map of the world showing ocean energy power potential for each geographic region.


Water Power

This website offers information on the potential for using water as a resource for energy: dams, wave power, tidal power, OTEC, waterwheels.  S. Godin