World Oil Market and Oil Price Chronologies: 1970 - 2001  I announced this website in class, but it did not work when I attempted to
just type in the URL.  Click on it here to attempt a connection.  This chronology was orginally published by the Department of Energy's Office of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, Analysis Division. Updates for 1995-2001 are from the Energy Information Administration.  It was last updated in August of 2002.  Of course it is biased, but everything is.  The accuracy is
probably very good, they just leave out the details, because they play the need to know game.  The last ten years are a beautiful following of The Prize in content, we just don’t get to know how the oil ministers got along with their wives or who they had love affairs with.  Bummer, huh?  I went so far as to join the mailing list for updates!

Grandfather Economic Report Series

 A page of oil energy links produced by two individuals "to pass knowledge that might assist young generations."  Paints a bleak picture of oil consumption, particularly in the US.  Use's a variety of sources, many are within the past three years.

This website is a recently published annual review of the world's energy demand of oil, natural gas, coal, nuclear, hydroelectric, solar and wind power.  This site created by the BP oil company has many educational charts, graphs and maps.  BP is also research and developing renewable energies all around the world.  Although this website does promote the continuing consumption of oil resources, the information and illustrations are very easy to understand and interesting.           MT

This site is the online Oil and Gas Journal, which supplies tons of news articles about the extraction, production, transportation of oil and gas resources.  It also has articles about oil's affect on social, economic and political issues around the world.  Even though this site is promoting people to subscribe for the journal, one can still read recent articles from more of the oil industries perspective. Overall this website is very informative. MT

America, Oil & National Security: What Government and Industry Data Really Show

I will let the title speak for itself.  This is an excellent summary of national security, energy independence, consumption, trends, etc.  It has lots of graphs in accompaniment.  It is downloadable and printable, but also very readable online.  AH

Try this for very recent propaganda!  It supplies articles covering the usual vague stuff about oil in the headlines.  It is put together by the World News Network, which has links to other sites as well, such as and  Weird, huh? AH

“The Coming Global Oil Crisis” is mysterious as to who and/or what it is.  But this site provides a huge amount of direct links to other sites and articles about all aspects of petroleum.  The information ranges from extremely current to very old.  I highly recommend looking at the Summary and Overview in the left-hand side toolbar for overall oil statistics. AH