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US Census Bureau

See this site more as a potential.  Easy to navigate and the hope is that this may be used to extrapolate idea's.  (Five million people, those working over the age of 16 spend on average 25.5 minutes commuting to work.  Average car produces how much CO2 per minute of driving time?)  Data is from 1999 and 2000. Union of Concerned Scientists

An alliance established in 1969 of 50,000 concerned citizens and scientists across the country seeking to ensure that all people have access to air, energy and transportation that’s clean and that they all have access to food that is produced in a safe and sustainable manner. This web site features a wide range of topics from Antibiotics to Nuclear warheads with faqs, analysis and fact-sheets keeping the users informed. Many pages often feature possible solutions to some of our biggest issues with articles like “7 Ways to Switch America to Renewable Energy” and “Coal vs. Wind Power: You be the Judge”. On top of all this, they even had the courtesy of providing me with links to web sites based on articles that I looked up. If you get bored don’t forget to play “The Great Green Web Game”,  a trivia game that punishes ignorance with more knowledge. > All about RE-related job-postings. From Scotland, yet postings from California, Germany, all over. Appears current. Owned by; copywrite 2002.