Solar Ponds Solar Energy in Israel

by Professor David Faiman

Ben-Gurion National Solar Energy Center,

Jacob Blaustein Institute for Desert Research,

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev The Bhuj solar pond project was conceived as an R&D project to demonstrate the feasibility of using a salt-gradient solar pond to deliver industrial process heat in the Indian context. Another major consideration in setting up the pond was to develop an indigenous and cost-effective lining scheme based on locally available materials. List of World-Wide Solar Pond Contacts from University of Texas at El Paso An Interview with Harry Tabor, Solar Energy Pioneer.  Nicknamed the 'father of solar energy exploitation in Israel', Dr Harry Tabor, has made many important contributions to the technical development of solar energy. Solar ponds can only be economically constructed if there is an abundance of inexpensive salt, flat land, and easy access to water. Environmental factors are also important. An example is preventing soil contamination from the brine in a solar pond. For these reasons, and because of the current availability of cheap fossil fuels, solar pond development has been limited in the United States. The greatest potential market for solar ponds in this country could bein the industrial process heat sectors. With Bibliography.