American Wind Energy Association

 An advocacy page emphasizing the production of electricity via wind.  Many supporting links to current projects, policy trends, general information and T- shirts available for purchase.  The information is current and up to date.

This is the website of the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA).  EWEA is a non-governmental, non-profit association. The EWEA website has up to date information on wind energy.  It provides access to publications, press releases, links and information on wind energy in Europe.  A list of upcoming conferences is included.  Contact information is given. 

I highly recommend this site, which is easy to navigate through and has up-to-date information on wind energy in Europe and around the world. Alternative Energy Institute This site is the home page of the AEI, a small research group out of West Texas State University.  The Groups research is primarily focused on wind energy, though they also do some research on solar technologies.  The group monitors and maintains several small groups of wind turbines in an effort to develop better technologies.  The site has info on their research as well as links to other windpower sites.


Colorado Wind Power

This regularly updated website is presented by a non-profit organization out of Boulder, Colorado.  Their site provides solid facts on wind-energy, photos of recent developments of wind systems, environmental benefits for using wind energy, reasons to buy wind power, and current legislative information on how to get congress to transfer to using wind as a primary energy resource. A page for wind energy links and current news and recent updates on wind energy is also provided.  S. Godin

This website written by the Danish Wind Industry Association offers a variety of publications pertaining to wind energy.  This Association is a non-profit group and is a member of the (EWEA) European Wind Energy Association and (WEC) World Energy Council.  This site explains the history of wind turbines, how they work, different designs, research and development, affects to the environment, costs, etc in Denmark and all around the world.  It even has a 28-minute video on wind energy that can be downloaded for free.  Overall this site is highly educational and factual.  MT

This government web page focuses on the different renewable energies used in Hawaii.  These renewable energies include: wind, solar, biomass, geothermal, hydropower, wave and alternative fuels.  It discusses the different wind farms currently running in Hawaii, the advantages, disadvantages and how alternative energies operate.  In addition, there are many online books and reports on the research and development in Hawaii.  This site also discusses the state's energy strategies promoting the environment and human health.  Overall this site is very detailed and very inspiring to read of a state that is advancing in a positive direction and supporting alternative energies for future use. MT