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Winter Quarter 2003

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Comparative Anatomy Lab Handouts

Date and topic of lab
Title (download here)
January 14 (Intro, diversity, lampreys)
Aquatic vertebrate anatomy lab: logistics and expectations
January 14
Anatomical terms
January 14
Review of evolutionary terms and concepts
January 14
Cladogram and taxonomy of major groups of vertebrates
January 14
Descriptions of the major groups of chordates
January 14
Lab 1: directions, terms, and questions
January 21
Schedule and open lab times
January 21
Lab 2: External and visceral anatomy of the shark and salamander
January 21
Visceral Anatomy Worksheet
January 28
Lab 3: Shark head muscles
February 4
Lab 4: Salamander head and pectoral muscles
February 11
Lab 5: Shark cardiovascular system
February 25
Lab 6: Salamander cardiovascular system
March 4
Lab 7: Shark neuroanatomy

During winter quarter, we will be doing seven weeks of aquatic vertebrate anatomy labs, plus a final lab practical in week 10. We will be focusing on sharks (genus Squalus, common name dogfish) and salamanders (genus Necturus), and will also investigate lampreys, because they're just so damned cute.

Specifically, we will be looking at visceral, circulatory, muscle, and neuro anatomy. There will necessarily be a lot of memorization, but you will learn a lot, and hopefully have fun doing so. Dissection is a real skill--part technical skill, part art--and perhaps the most amazing thing about a teaching lab in anatomy is getting to see all the diversity of the animals in the room. Unlike roses, a shark is not a shark is not a shark.

Throughout the term, we will be talking about adaptations to an aquatic environment, and the anatomical and physiological ramifications of movement into an amphibious life habit. Some themes will include:

Throughout the quarter, you will be able to go in to the Anatomy lab outside of class time, to study on your own. You will need to do this. Three hours a week is not sufficient to internalize this kind of information. Every Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon, the labs will be available. If they are not open, go to Lab Stores (2nd floor) to get the keys from them. They will be expecting you.