> In a zoo in the north of Europe, keepers started feeding animals
> organic food.  After tasting the organic fare the zoo's residents
> found they preferred organic over chemically raised food.
> According to a report in "Ecological Agriculture", monkeys at the
> Copenhagen Zoo are "going ape" over organic bananas and other
> fruits, rejecting non-organic foods left in their cages.   Apparently
> the Danish zoo is striving for a "green label" which means that its
> purchases support agriculture produced in ways that benefit the
> environment.  It's not just the Chimps who are apes over organics,
> the tapirs apparently prefer the fruit, too.  According to zoo-keeper
> Niels Jordburg the animals "are able to tell the difference between
> the organic and the regular fruit.  If we give them organic and
> traditional bananas, they systematically choose the organic bananas,
> which they eat with the skin on.  But they peel the traditional
> bananas before eating them." Gee, ya think it's because organic
> tastes better?
> See:  www.organicconsumers.org/Organic/bananas022403.cfm