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                              If you are involved with the organic farm at Evergreen you know that
                             there is always more work on a farm to be done then hours in the day. We have
                             a fairly large family garden, orchard, vineyard that we planted and have
                             been farming organically since we moved here in 1981.Our main focus or
                             business for our farm is the goat dairy cheese operation. this last year we
                             started a new retreat program for culinary students and professionals to spend a
                             on our farm learning where their food comes from what it looks like in
                             garden, how it tastes freshly harvested, and issues that relate to
                             agriculture , sustainability issues, and organic production.
                             One of my big concerns is genetically modified foods/transgenic crops.
                             I really want people to see the wonderful abundance that we share in with
                             the foods we grow, that evolved or were developed by indigenous people,
                             that is our food history. And that GMO's have nothing to offer in the area of
                             abundance or diversity and could harm this resources that we should be

                             I am thinking one or two students that would like to put together an
                             independent study setting up the gardens, that would tie in with our
                             retreats and then spend the summer here taking care of the garden,
                             farm help, etc.
                             What I would like is someone with a background in organic growing and
                             harvesting produce. My goal is to set the garden up in sections using
                             Vavilov centers of genetic diversity to arrange the plants. So we would
                             potatoes, tomatoes, sweet potatoes ect. from south America and corn
                             central America, and so on ( I have my own study to do) I want this
                             physical/visual presentation so it stands on it's own for our students
                             see and appreciate the work.
                             They would be here to care for the garden and help with farm projects
                             then help with the farm/culinary retreats showing how the garden is set
                             and as general guides to what is ready to harvest and how to harvest
                             I know this is all really general. If someone is interested we could
                             and discuss more what their ideas might be and their learning goals.
                             We both love to garden, but we have so much work in general , that to
                             keep a
                             garden looking and producing for the retreats is a challenge where we
                             use help.
                             Presently we are building a strawbale building to be the retreat center
                             that is taking all our spare time!
                             so if any of their interests you or someone you know please pass  my
                             on and we can talk.
                             Thanks. Lora Lea Misterly