How to Submit Portfolios for Evaluations
INS, Fall 2002
Updated 11/24/02

You need to submit three separate portfolios to the three different instructors. We will have boxes outside our offices for you to submit your portfolios.

1. To Andy: Submit all your biology work (homework, biology workshop material, past exams, quizzes, lab notebooks and any other work that Andy required you to submit)

2. To Cathy: Submit all your math work -- homework, math workshop material, midterm exam, completed lab handouts, and any other information you would like to provide about your work during the quarter. Math portfolios are due Friday, December 6 at 5pm.

3. To Dharshi: Submit all your chemistry work (homework, past exams, quizzes, lab notebooks and any other work that Dharshi required you to submit). Chemistry folders are due on the day of the chemistry final exam (December 3rd at noon)

In addition, submit your work from the library workshop (i.e. the article you collected) to your evaluation leader in his/her folder.

Make sure that your folders are organized so that they are easy to read. Divide the folders into sections and label them clearly. We will be reading 80 folders each and will appreciate it if you would make it easy for us to find what we are looking for.

If any work is missing from the folders, we will assume that you have not done it.

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Last modified: November 24, 2002
By: Cathy French,