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August 18 – 22
Conveners: Julian Pietras, Amy Greene and Alley Hinkle

This institute will emphasize program planning and technology experimentation as we explore instructional technology tools currently available at Evergreen. We will develop familiarity with the tools as we explore integration of the available technology into program activities. Sessions will include time for teams to perform digital research, and explore, design, develop and test possible technology-based program activities. Staff will be available during the work sessions to offer advice and support as teams experiment with and discuss applications. We will use Web Crossing (WebX), Lyris (email distribution list serve), Photoshop, PowerPoint, program file shares, and iMovie. Opportunities for more intensive group work with the tools your team selects will be provided. Teaching teams will be given priority for enrollment. At least one faculty in each team must have web development expertise. We will conclude with group presentations of works in progress.

Site Manager: Amy Greene


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