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       Setsuko Tsutsumi
       Yukio Rikiso
       Tomoko Ulmer
       John Cushing

KURAMA HIMATSURI, October, 2000, © John Cushing

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 Fall Quarter Information:

Fall Quarter Program Syllabus
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Fall Literary Analysis Paper Assignment

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Winter Quarter Schedule (UPDATED 01/14/03)
Winter Quarter Seminar Groups (UPDATED 01/07/03)
Winter Quarter Syllabus (UPDATED 03/06/03)

Spring Quarter Information:

 Spring Study in Japan    [Please be patient:  Many images to download...]
 Spring Trip Planning Discussion Group (NEW 01/15/03)
 Spring Study on Campus (UPDATED 4/10/03)

Japanese Language Tools (UPDATED 03/05/03)

Japanese Film Studies (UPDATED 03/10/03)

 Special Event: Donald Keene, February 28, 2003 [NEW 2/17/03]

 Miyako Harumi-san:  Suki ni natta hito

 Today's Weather in Japan

 Japan Information Network

 Famous People in Japan

 Maps of Japan

 Learn More About Matsuo Basho


 Japanese Smileys (Emoticons) [NEW 02/05/03]

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