Medical Aspects of Disability

CRN: 10264

Instructor: Cindy Beck, ND
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Class meets Monday 5:30 – 9:30     Lab I  -- Room 1040
This is an upper division 4-credit class; it satisfies requirements for WA State Rehabilitation Counselors’ continuing education.

TEXT: MEDICAL ASPECTS OF DISABILITY: A HANDBOOK FOR THE REHABILITATION PROFESSIONAL.    Eisenberg, M., Glueckauf ,R. & Zaretsky, H. [Eds.] 1998  Springer Publisher Co. Inc.
 ISBN = 0-8261-7971-1

This course will explore the medical aspects relevant to chronic illness and disability (CID). Study of the physiological basis of a variety of disabling conditions will help illustrate how those with CID struggle within the American culture.  The class will examine different rehabilitation plans and assessment protocols for community and work reentry programs.

Students will demonstrate their knowledge through:
o class discussions and workshops
o a site visit and interview with a rehabilitation service provider in the community
o an independent project that explores a creative solution for a common problem.

This course relates to careers in counseling, health-care, rehabilitation and teaching, and is open to anyone wanting to learn about chronic illness and disability.
Note: Course content will focus primarily on issues and experiences in relation to CID acquired as an adult.


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