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PPF Syllabus
Joan Bantz, MPA, RHU an introduction
LAB I, 3011            360-867-5095

Class meets Saturdays:
Jan 11*, Feb 1, Feb 22, and March 8,          9 am to 5 pm

* You must be present the first night to be considered enrolled

Note: Undergraduate upperclass students are welcome, please contact me for a signature.
Course Description  Syllabus

  This new MPA Public Policy Concentration course examines how public policy is analyzed, created, implemented, evaluated and held accountable within the current culture, social, economic and political environment. This required foundation course, or elective, acknowledges that there is not a grand theory or design of policy formulation.  We will however examine multiple frameworks and tools, building upon theoretical foundations that deconstruct common assumptions.

  Through the use of lecture, seminar, case study, guest speakers and web postings, this intensive course will encourage dialogue and use web-based communication tools to help students think critically and actively about vital issues, practice policy applications and skill building tools and facilitate further research.

Stone, Deborah A. (1997).  Policy Paradox:  The Art of Political Decision Making.  W. W, Norton & Co.  ISBN: 0393976254. (will be used in seminar the first class!!)

Kingdon, John (1995). Agendas, Alternatives and Public Policies (3rd Edition).  Addison-Wesley;  ISBN:  0321121856.

Clemons, Randall S. and Mark K. McBeth (2000).  Public Policy Praxis - Theory and Pragmatism: A Case Approach. Prentice Hall;  ISBN: 0130258822.

Fischer, Frank (2000). Citizens, Experts and the Environment: The Politics of Local Knowledge.  Duke University Press.  ISBN: 0822326221.

McFarlane, Deborah R. and Kenneth J. Meier (2000).  The Politics of Fertility Control:  Family Planning and Abortion Policies in the American States.  Chatham House;  ISBN: 1889119393.


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