So My name is Meloney Hause, I am an enrolled Squaxin Tribal member. I was raised on the Quinault Indian Reservation in the 70's.  I presently reside in Lacey Washington andstriped marlin and me you can find me near the Squaxin Rez sometime during the week.  My mother is Lucille Martin Hause a Quinault Squaxin Indian, Her mother was Clara Bagley Napolean Martin Seymour from Squaxin and tribes from the inside of the Puget Sound, Her Father was Edward Martin of the Quinaults and other tribes along the coast. My Father is Gerald Hause a postiduceed from Western Wa. His Mother was Jessie Sawyer Hause and His Father was Robert Hause. I have 12 brothers and sisters. I believe 45 nieces and nephews and 22 great nieces and nephews.

I am a Generous Compassionate Magical Free Spirit a Celebration of Life Love and Laughter. Hiyapbulus(Laughnis Eyes) is my baby indian name.  I love to learn new things and expand my thinking.  I want to make a difference in this world.

So I am presently attending Evergreen Rez Based program. I have been in fisheries for 20 years used my Associate degree all up- so i came back to get a 4 YEAR degree. The Canoe Journey fast forwarded me in this direction.  Therefore I ended up taking some great classes to expand my horizons. I get very inspired here at  Evergreen as the students are so spiritual and  willing to help.
 my mother Lucille Hause and Cecily Capoeman
 My Mother Lucille and her best friend Cecily