Rosette's pictures in Mariankari Bajo with the Ashaninkas

Hello My name is Rosette Cross from the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe. I am the Muckleshoot Ambassador from the Muckleshot Indian Tribe of Auburn Washington.   I have traveled to Peru, Lima, Cuzco and the "Seven Wonders of  the World"  This was  an amazing and wonderful experience.   My goal is to  assist the people of Mariankari with basic necessities. This has been an experience of a lifetime and I am really happy to have traveled to Peru.   In the future I would like to spend more time with the people and learn more of their culture and language.    Summer 2002.  My article was published in the Muckleshoot newsletter and the Evergreen Newsletter.

house House at the village.  women leaders Women  social services 
rosette and children Rosette and child of the village  children Children

falls Waterfall  rachel Rachael coming down ladder at the village 
donna Donna at waterfall claudia Claudia at  village