What is this program like? (our students write)

Hello David & Raul,
Its me, Allan. Im sure that I had alredy informed you on what I intend to study for this winter
quarter of 2003. However I just thought that I would send you an e mail to re-affirm my learning objectives
for this quarter.
This winter quarter, I will be studying the diffusion of agriculture and the subsequent difusion
of coppersmelting in Neolithic Europe. Issues that I will focus upon include:
-Acquisition of Neolithic European agriculture-(independent development or influence of
-Environmental/social conditions that precipitated the development of agriculture.
-Human diasporas in Europe during the Mesolithic-Neolithic transition.
-The difusion of copper smelting in Neolithic Europe.
-Neolithic European coppersmelting methodologies.

Reconstructive experiments:
-Coppersmelting in the Val Venosta-a reconstruction of the iceman's (Otzi's) copper axe.
-Stone vs. Copper-a comparison of the functional attributes of Chalcolithic copper tools as compared to
their stone predecessors.

This is the entirety of my learning objectives for the quarter. I welcome any sugestions that either of
you might have.

Hello David and Raul,
   I wanted to start of by saying that this year has been very important to me in re-learning my self, and my education/study habits. This class
has really opened up my eyes as to the ways I interact with people, how I learn from people, and what I'm interested in learning.  Our class
gave a chance to find out things that interest me other than conflict mediation.  This last half of the year I feel I've gotten to make
connections to conflict mediation/resolution that I never would have made in the past.  I've delved into computers and understanding the
computer network (ResNet) here at Evergreen as a facet to deliver knowledge and make information (such as recorded lectures from various
subjects) accessible and correlated in one place to make for easy access, as we as making it easy to find for people with flyers.  The
central idea is to provide people with access to ResNet the ability to listen to lectures regardless of if they are enrolled.  The idea being
that some people would listen to subjects that they might not enroll in, or ever think about enrolling in.  I have already started collecting
these lectures; I have just received one 87 min lecture on Biochemistry.
I am in the process of getting older lectures and seminars that were recorded in the 70s and 80s.   My dream in the end is to get Evergreen
to fund its own "streaming audio server" that would be like the one i built that could serve campus as a type of archive that was accessible
from one's room 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

   This is a big project, and I will be working with it for the rest of my stay at evergreen.  Next year i hope to continue in retrieving
lectures and seminars to share with the Evergreen community.  I have enrolled in Recognition for next year, and hope to be working on this
project in the background of my studies next year.   So I would like to thank the both of you for being the catalysts in my endeavors, and I
can't wait to be in class with you next year.   But I do have one question, which is how can I sign up for my eval as I haven't been in
class as of late.  Also should I bring you my self eval, and when/where should this been done.  Once again, thank you very much, and enjoy the