Science of Sport

Instructor: Cindy Beck, N.D.

Office – Seminar 4158 Mailbox on campus – Seminar 3127

Phone – ext. 5942

E-mail address =* best way to contact

Class meets Mondays: 5:30 – 9:30 p.m. in CAB 108.

Required Texts:

The Cartoon Guide to Physics by Larry Gonik & Art Huffman

isbn = 0-06-273100-9 * a copy will be on open reserve at library

Biomechanics of Sport and Exercise by Peter McGinnis

isbn = 0-87322-955-X

Taboo by Jon Entine


Class Expectations:

1. Regular attendance and participation in class discussions and activities is expected of all students. If an absence occurs, it is the student's responsibility to get notes / handouts from the webpage or a classmate. PLEASE - DO NOT ASK ME

2. Homework assignments- will be randomly assigned throughout the quarter. They will be announced in class, and posted on the web. Due dates will be noted on the assignments and if you cannot attend class when an assignment is due, you must email it to the instructor by midnight of that day. If you do not submit/complete 2 assignments on time, you will lose 1 credit, if you miss 3 or more, you will lose 2 credits.

3. Activity Journals - Each student will keep a journal of their chosen activity and class applications. These journals will be due on March 10th. Journals should contain analyses of activity, and direct application from class work. [I.e. in running: discuss acceleration during a morning run, when you noticed it, how long was it sustained, how would you calculate average velocity…] Journals should be typed, or at least neatly hand written. If you do not attend class, it will be very difficult to maintain a complete journal, as class content is what is to be applied in journal.

4. Self-evaluation & faculty evaluation is due on March 17th.

5. Evaluations are assessed on class progress: based on homework assignments, class (seminar) participation/attendance, and journal. This is a 4-credit upper division class. Instructor has discretion for awarding upper division credits.


- Late paper policy - I will not accept any late papers. If you cannot make it to class, you can put it in my mailbox, or email it to me.

- Class schedule is subject to change, dependent on class progress.

- Withdrawals from class follow TESC's policies as outlined in registration materials.

- As appropriate, the Instructor will supply supplemental readings.

- Students with disabilities are asked to contact the instructor to arrange accommodation.