Here are some websites that may be useful to you as an athlete, coach or just a student.  Feel free to share some of your favorite websites with the class!

This is a great source of basic information from nutrition to conditioning to physiology:

Coaching science abstracts - type in the word or phrase you want information for and the available list of article abstract[s] will appear. Each abstract cites the authors and journal for further reference:

sport science - peer reviewed site for sport research.  great selection on statistics and many other attributes to this site:

Metalink for the scholarly study of sport:

This is a good site for race and sports.  Includes an interview with Jon Entine

This site has profiles of many well-known black athletes

Another site on the accomplishments of black athletes

article: Strange Bedfellows Within the African American Community

site for gait analysis

an anatomy site, visual images that demonstrate the action and exercise performed by muscle  selected