Seeking Justice:
Reclamation, Equality, And Restitution

Fall, Winter and Spring 2002 - 2003, 16 Credits per Quarter




First classes are Tuesday, April 1. See the topic area pages for details! space



Kristina Ackley (Native American Studies)
Lab I 1011 | Ext. 6020

Peter Bohmer (Political Economy)
Sem 4105 | Ext. 6431
Pete's personal web page

Steve Niva (International Politics)
Lab I 1005 | Ext.5612
Steve's personal web page


In addition to attending class meetings and seminars, completing weekly readings, and actively participating in the program students will be expected to:


Students were responsible for synthesis papers, a case study, and an oral history project.


Students were responsible for synthesis papers and an independent project on justice. The faculty were open to different forms of media that students completed their independent project in (research paper, video, creative writing, etc.). Projects were based on participating in a group working for justice. All students conducted extensive background research for their independent projects.

Spring (12/16 option)

Faculty will closely engage students in topics worth 16 credits.



This program explores how different groups, countries and peoples seek justice in response to oppressive conditions or experiences. While the concept of justice is often associated with the individual, this program pays particular attention to collective and social struggles for justice both historically and in the contemporary period. We examine the concepts of retributive, restorative and social/transformational justice and their applicability in addressing different types of injustice. We study how nations, societies, races, genders, classes and other social groupings have defined justice and to what extent their definitions cohere or conflict.

This program is preparatory for careers and future studies in education, politics, law, human rights work, tribal government, political economy, and international solidarity work.


Students work in one of two topic areas during the Spring quarter. Click a topic for details:


Native American Studies: Activism and Political Movements

This program will provide a foundation for understanding activism in Native America. (more)

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

This program will provide a thorough overview of the multiple dimensions of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. (more)




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