Taking the Pulse
2002-2003 Fall and Winter Quarters

                                      PROGRAM DESCRIPTION:

Taking the pulse will examine the role that business plays in society and the ethical problems that can arise in a capitalist system.  Using a traditional economic framework, the program will provide students with the tools and skills to identify right, just, and fair decisions made by both the private and the public sector.  Students will use a number of different lenses (financial, sociological, ethical, sustainable) to critique businesses using case studies.  We will begin working with simple moral problems.  As the program progresses, we will turn to more complex moral and social problems in which harms may fall on the least powerful members of society.  Working individually or in small groups, students will generate innovative ideas for resolving moral dilemmas and communicate them in written and oral formats.  This program is intended for students with little business background interested in learning to exercise moral reasoning and better understand how economics, finance, and social forces interact to shape the world around us. We will admit students from all disciplines with the goal of creating a close-knit learning community.

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